Want to be the one who is making the decisions in your life?

back-to-the-future-2This week has been a success for Life, and a disaster financially. Everyone was spending their money on turkey, I guess.

So I am going to announce some sales for this coming week. I’ll make them good… so you’ll buy.

Now, about the successes that lead me to a huge insight.

Everything that people do is guided by memes, and they think they decided to do it. And you think they decided to do it from the goodness of their heart, from the badness of their heart, whatever seem to be the case. But in fact they never decided anything… It is the memes that are doing the deciding. Continue reading “Want to be the one who is making the decisions in your life?”

Gary Douglas and Access Consciousness… a review

A few years ago when I first ‘reviewed’ Access Consciousness I didn’t check for attachments… and unfortunately my high evaluation exposed a lot of people to the nasty attachments Access Consciousness puts on people. I apologize. If you are one who got involved, please get in touch.

The Gary Dougless, Dain Heer bunch is as nasty as Scientology, maybe even nastier because of their ability to put an energetic attachment on you and keep you trapped.

More of my notes at the end…

Here is an article I found online:


BY CRAIG MALISOW in The Houston (Texas) Press
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Why was the little girl acting out?

strong anger is a sign of somethingDisappointment is when you get something you didn’t expect.

I expected the readers to be here to get something, and not to give. And they didn’t disappoint.
I expected people to not see beyond their noses and they didn’t… but still, kudos to the ten brave souls that forced themselves to think something.

It was hard, wasn’t it? Now I am talking to those ten.

What would happen if you did this every day? You’ll start to build some serious muscle in problem solving, and by the time you actually need those muscles, you would have them.

I promised, you delivered, so I must tell you what happened next in that story.

You know that I blasted the little girl… and I did. I was like you: stopped on the surface.

But then: I didn’t sleep well. I woke up with a question:
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