What did Genghis Khan do to raise his people’s IQ?

borte abductedWhat did Genghis Khan, the greatest conqueror in history do to raise his people’s IQ?

I have been reading about the Mongols, the nomadic people that occupied lands and people in the 13th century, from the Pacific Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, in the 13th Century under Genghis Khan.

99% of those Mongols didn’t read, didn’t write. Their average IQ (my measurement) was the same as college educated people’s today. Their available IQ was 90%, as opposed to today’s college educated people, whose available IQ is less than 80%. Which means, those Mongols were more intelligent than you. Ugh, that hurts.

What is the secret difference between them and you, that they were able to conquer and you are not? And what could you borrow from them, even though you are not a steppe warrior?

Here are my insights that I hope will be useful for you today:
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Sonia Choquette vibrational review… get an attachment from Sonia Choquette, fake


Sonia Choquette

Personal vibration: all mind, no Self, no connection. Personal vibration: 130. She is empathic. Not a psychic. Clairvoyance: accuracy: 20%. Reminds me of the gypsy fortune teller that robbed me in Budapest: lured me in, and robbed me.

She is one of those “healers” that put an attachment on you and then leaves it in. The attachment works even on a recording, so beware. Please don’t complain if you don’t heed my warning.

One of the things I notice: you want to believe pretty people. They must be good. They must be able to help you, after all they are pretty.

Pretty outside is bait. In this industry (self-help, spirituality, self-development) and everywhere else.
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Vibrational Reviews: Krishnamurti, Michael Beckwith, etc,

Here is another batch of vibrational reviews of Richard Rudd (Gene Keys), Thorwald Dethlefsen, Rudiger Dahlke, “the healing power of sickness”), Jordan David Pearce, The Spirit Science, The Atlantis King, Amit Goswami, “The Quantum Activist”, pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio), Sri Ravi Shankar, The Art of Living, Michael Bernoff, Dawn Abraham , Jiddu Krishnamurti, Anthony de Mello, Thomas Merton, Quantum Confidence, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Robert Smith, Faster Eft,Sonia Choquette,Tapas Fleming,TAT,Morry Zelcovitch. Some of these I have measured before, the numbers are going down…
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