Can you complete your soul correction in a lifetime?

How do you do your soulcorrection aka soul’s purpose? How Do YOU earn the light, given what you came in with to this lifetime?

There are several ways to develop a body of knowledge, I think. The one that is a Tree of Life method  is how Dr. Edward Bach developed his Bach Flower Remedies, and how I develop the Soul Correction methods. Continue reading “Can you complete your soul correction in a lifetime?”

From Hated to Loved – a case study

How I found myself loved, respected, and maybe even revered… a tale of extraordinary transformation, from hated smart know-it-all to loved

I used to be smart. At all cost. In fact smarter, that would be more precise to say. Smarter than you, him, them… 😉

You see, it almost didn’t matter whether I was happy, rich, pretty, healthy, as long as I could be smarter than you.

Most people hated me, and I had few if any friends.

Since my vibration rose to where it’s at today, I have had no issues, people actually like me, most of them anyway.

Recently I had a curious phenomenon happening to me.
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How did I suddenly become a fraud? Let’s look!

Soul Correction Soul’s Purpose… are they one and the same?

First off, let me tell you: your soulcorrection is like the middle of your head: you can only see it through a mirror.

When I tell people what is their soulcorrection, they always argue. Because in all their years they have done everything to hide it.

This is what happened today:

your soulcorrection is invisible to youA certain Jamie sent me an email, sarcastic in language, asking if it would be too much to ask that I give them what they paid for.

The soulcorrection donation came on May 5. I promptly sent out the email: I saw the payment coming in.

and you don't believe what others say to you...This was 10 weeks ago.

From the language of the email you know that the person is going to be trouble. Mind you, they have aol for email provider, so that should tell you something about their ability to know about the world: aol seriously limits what they allow you to get or not.

Anyway, I sent out the name of the soulcorrection and the link to the post:

here is the correspondence, reproduced:

Jamie: Would it be possible to have you send me the output from this donation?

Me: sharing the flame

Jamie: Not sure I understand the meaning though. Can you, in an e-mail, explicitly state me “soul purpose”?

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Soul Correction: Fertility. Fertility or infertility as a spiritual phenomenon

fertility or infertility as a spiritual phenomenon: get fertile! Soul Correction/Soul Purpose: FERTILITY: how to get fertile, body mind and spirit.

If we believe that WE are the ultimate source of our abundance, blessings, and miracles, then our lives inevitably become as barren as a desert. Souls become sterile due to inflated self-importance.

Giving birth to children, giving birth to new ideas, or giving birth to a business solution all require the divine force of fertility, directly from Source.

Giving birth is NOT recycling, it’s not rehashing, it is not making it up. A new human being is brand new, it is the birth of something special, unique, a never repeatable miracle. You can’t make another one, just like that.
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