Healing, Curing, Self-Healing… a case study and a half

bacterial-toxinI just hung up with my friend. He sounded week…

Turns out he spent the past week in bed, has fever, and seems to have a systemic infection.

I, of course, volunteered to look around, see what I see, and do some healing work if I can.

He has a bacterial infection, a food carried bacteria, food poisoning, specifically he ate salad in a restaurant on his trip to Georgia the week before.

The doctor gave him a wide spectrum antibiotic.

The cause of weakness, and discomfort is now from the excretion of the bacteria.

Bacteria makes you ill by its byproduct… this bacteria seems to have a nerve toxin as a byproduct: my friend’s whole right side is shutting down, his right arm is already starting to be numb.
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Energies Part 4: Designer and Source energies

remembering all-of-itIn this article we’ll talk about the source of the many energies, and examine what they do.

  1. Energies that come from Source, from All-of-it, generate harmony.

    If you read the description of all the energies I embed in audios or in water, all of them are elimination type energies. None of them give you anything that’s not already there.

    What is between you and between being in harmony with All-of-it is man-made

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It is darkest before the dawn… Hopefully – UPDATED

feb_26_8760_dawnI have been attacked by what we could call “The Dark Side” for 10 days now. This time “They” are going for the kill.

What I mean by that is this: until this time they were attacking my pelvis, my spine, my intestines, my hip, but this time they managed to zero in on my heart.

It started with a quiver. With a rhythmic arrhythmia. A wobbling, A quiver… I can’t find a better word. Quiver, in my heart… eerie.

I knew it was an attack.
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Talk Back to me: on connection, on meditation. on other gurus

Summary: When you write me an email, you can expect that it is going to be published or ignored. Why? Because I am not your private coach and I don’t have to answer your questions… If I feel like it, I answer them publicly: that way your question and my answer contributes to others as well.

Hi Sophie,

Thank you for considering doing a meditation session for those of us outside of the EST time zone. 1

I woke up at 2 am for some reason this morning and decided it was a good time to try the meditations.

I pulled in many techniques I had learned from various teachers most notably Dr Alex Loyd (personal vibration: 200… big drop from last time I checked) from The Healing Codes. He had taught that in order to increase the effectiveness of his work, you had to roll the eyes up and back (something you reiterated in your blog recently), you had to place your hands on the top of your head in a certain way and you had to deep breath through the chest in a certain way. 2
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How does the Energizer energize the water? Energized Water Explained

goose-waterskiingWater is the most godly creation right after human being. It is capable of carrying any energy, and carry it without any distortions. Water is loving with no agenda of its own.

It’s hard to imagine, but the water that we consume isn’t coherent 1. It’s much like unkempt hair: full of knots, lacking shine, sticky.

Why is that? Is it because of the impurities of the water? Yes and no.

In our hair analogy, the foreign substances, solids, gases, and other chemicals, are like the knots in the hair: they force the water molecules to seal the impurities off: the water doesn’t want to be soiled.

But the most important reason for our natural or tap water’s incoherence is its spin. (spin is a lot like curly hair: each hair follicle tells the individual hair which way the spiral should go, left or right.)

Water is highest in its coherence and its energy when it’s left-spin. Each molecule. Consistently, through and through. That is when it is at 650 vibration.

But reasons that we can only guess, (the impurity of the human mind feels most accurate, second guess is the cause of the Great Flood: the Earth spin got reversed, all guessing!) water’s spin is reversed… it is largely incoherent.

Imagine your hair: each hair follicle instructs the hair to curl in a slightly different direction. The resulting hair is much like a bale of hay: no rhyme and reason, and no beauty. A big mess… Like your bad hair day? lol.

That’s how our drinking water looks when you can see it, energetically. Twirling, like sewage.
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Vibrational Reviews: Raymon Grace: Energizing Your Water, Kute Blackson, And On Emptiness That Fills Your Core, And How Do The Activators Work

raymon grace water dvdVibrational Reviews: Raymon Grace: energizing your water, Kute Blackson, and the emptiness that fills your core

Yesterday I received a DVD of Raymon Grace (personal vibration: 170) from one of the students, so I can test it.

Raymon Grace

Now, I hate to admit, I am not sure what to make of what I experienced.

I put a pitcher of water in front of the monitor, as instructed. The water’s vibration was 190… it was already purified. Then I poured out of the pitcher about 1/4 glass into a glass and held it high.
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What is my experience with healing stones? Crystals? Do they heal or are they a fraud?

healing-stonesWhat is my experience with healing stones?

The question comes from the limited perspective of the human mind. In the physical existence we need to rely on our five senses, and inside the five senses, there is no sense that can tell if a stone or a crystal is doing something or not… or not quite. If we were sensitive enough, if we didn’t resist every “negative” feeling, we could feel the feeling vibrations of a stone, but most of us don’t.

Bach flowers, the energies in the Bach Flower Remedies or Bach Flower energies, have an energetic signature. It is much like music, recognizable, has a mood, a tempo, a timber to it. It evokes a feeling. A mood.

When you ingest the Bach Flower remedies, the feelings are matched. The feeling of the flower, the feeling of the Bach Flower energy. They are meeting your feelings, blocked feelings, resisted feelings head on and they effectively release the blockage.

The vibrational pattern, the vibrational signature of the organized, intentional energy of the Bach Flower Energy wins every time. It smoothes out the tangles wires, and you feel better.

Let’s follow this last analogy to see how this works with stones. Each stone has an energetic signature. When it is big enough and you put it next to your body, it will work two possible ways:
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Vibrational Review: Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code, and the Avatar State Audios… what’s the difference?

The-Emotion-Code-Glory1Revisited: What does the vibration number mean? Why are methodologies that actually help people rate low on the vibrational scale? I’ll compare and review the Dr. Bradley Nelson method, The Emotion Code, and the Avatar State Audios.

I just finished watching a few episodes of the Dr. Bradley Nelson show. Dr. Bradley Nelson is a showman, a great salesperson. I think it’s great: I wish I could be more like him doing the work I do. More people would flock to me.

Now, why is Dr. Bradley Nelson’s vibration as low as 190, occasionally as low as 170? Is he an unhappy person? Is this a case of the shoemaker who doesn’t have shoes?

The answer is no. I see two problems with his methodology that would result in such low vibration.

dr-bradley-nelsonThe problem isn’t as much his well-being, peace of mind, etc. as he isn’t in the business of empowering people. His methodology is to work through practitioners, and this model duplicates the system of the medical establishment, the church, the government.

In his system people are treated for an issue with a method that may work, by a practitioner who was “specially trained” to treat people with that method.

So people need to be sick for those practitioners to exist, which means his system perpetuates disease.
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Divinity: Can you activate in you something that is not already there?

satsangMy early attempts to activate divinity were complete failures.

It wasn’t a course: it was a process. I called it “The Juice Process” at the time, and have done it either one-on-one, or two or three-on-one. I had two “apprentices” to learn the process. That’s why the one or two other people were on the call in addition to the client and myself.

There was also another reason: one-on-one conversations can by hijacked by the client: their “machine” will want to argue, or take the conversation to a totally unproductive place.

People loved it, and many paid $300 for it.

I loved the process, I hated the results.

Something was missing. People forgot what they saw in the process, and continued living their lives like before, somewhat happier, somewhat lighter, but still… there was no transformation, there was no breakthrough: it was a disappointment for me, no matter how much money people paid me.

And although the current Activate Divinity Program could be producing the kind of results I envision: it hasn’t.

Let me first tell you what we are doing, and then I will reveal what’s missing, ok?

In the current Activate Divinity Program we set out to integrate your denied “fragments of self.”

How do you deny your self? Something happens and you decide, as the aftermath, that you don’t want to be that person… or you hide it so deep, that you forget about it.

Here are some examples:
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How Do Activators Work On The Personal Level?

this is the image of your subconscious that we stir up with the activators How do activators work on the personal level?

Activators interfere with the status quo. Depending on your disposition, it will wreak havoc immediately or later.

How does it work?

Imagine a covered sewer pit, whatever they call those in your back yard. Or imagine a compost pile. Both have stuff no one wants to look at… right?

Your subconscious is like that. Really. Nothing pretty there. Nothing smelling like roses.

I come along and I do a Wipe and an Implant.

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