Reality? collective hunch at best!

lily-tomlin-actress-quote-reality-is-nothing-but-a-collective-hunchMy article Energies Part 4: Designer Energies has been read by many people, and everyone I have spoken with, has, so far, misunderstood it. It matches not reality, but what they think of as reality

Why? Because the article touches on the most fundamental worldview through which you perceive everything: Through your personal reality.

You can’t see it, you can’t verbalize it, you don’t believe when someone calls it your worldview: it is reality for you, and that’s that.

No matter who it is, what they do for a living, what level of education, what level of vibration they are at: we all have a personal reality. Each vastly different from another’s…

In a conversation I just had with a client who is of Hungarian descent but was born in this country (the USA) I shared that Hungarian parents don’t talk to their children in the high pitch voice and baby words as Amarican parents do. They talk lovingly, but normally.

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Thou Shall Prosper: Money is Spiritual

Thou Shall Prosper: The Ten Commandments For Prosperity: The Spiritual Laws of Money That You Have Not Known Or Ignored And You have been Paying The Price

Is Money Spiritual? If it is spiritual then Only Spiritual Laws Apply to it, and only by spiritual means it can be attracted.

This is a long article. It is by no means a complete exploration of the topic, but it has enough useful information for you to start overhauling your whole concept of money. When you get successful at the overhaul, you’ll start increasing your wealth. Even if you just manage in one area, the results will start to show, almost instantly.

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Here is another spiritual law, the Law of Flexibility

This is from the book “The Life you were born to live” a book you can get for next to nothing…

As much as I struggle with reading so much English, perfect sentences, I recognize that I am probably the minority and people like reading stuff like that. I teach this law, I don’t call it law, and it is about five sentences when I teach it.

So maybe using other people’s words will make me a more effective teacher, and will be able to get through to you.

This law, the law of flexibility, is a combination of several distinctions:

  1. you only have power when you are present.
  2. you cannot be present if and when you resist anything
  3. you can embrace that which wants to enslave you, and when you actually embrace it, you have all the power to take it anywhere (you can see it in marshal arts, or any fighting… by the way)
  4. context is decisive. Create an empowering context and life will flow without any resistance.
  5. happiness is accepting what is.

So, here you had my five sentences, and here are the many sentences of Dan Millman in the book “The life you were born to live”. Now you see why I don’t publish books… most books waste people’s life.

The Law of Flexibility

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DNA Activation: You want to be special but you don’t want to do anything for it… not really.

mental states illustration... making energy visibleI was researching this whole Third Eye humbug on the internet.

Of all the “supernatural” abilities people want, this seems to take the prize!

People want to be special, want to stand out, want to amaze people, but they don’t want to pay the price. Please check if you are part of “people”. My hunch is that if you tell the truth, you’ll find that you are.

Now, what is wrong with this picture?

It violates fundamental spiritual laws.

What are spiritual laws? Why are they spiritual?

Spiritual laws are the laws of the invisible. Energy, for example. Energy is invisible. It can be made visible, 1 but what you see is not the energy itself, you see its effects… Or you feel it… or you hear it… the effect, not the cause.
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Are you disconnected from All-of-it and beg for knowledge from others?

inner-lightOne of the horrible costs of living in your mind, trusting your mind, going for Tree of Knowledge, is that you cut yourself off from your inner knower… and hand your life and destiny over to people who are not your friends, who are not on your side, who have their own agenda in saying anything.

I am observing the few high capacity producers in my circle, and this is one of the big difference between you and them: they may take hints… but then they do their own thinking, their own process.

The missing capacity, self-trust, or as Dan Millman calls it Faith, of course needs to be based on other capacities: cannot stand alone. And you also need to build some reality to it, some solid foundation. That is why you don’t have it: you life has been, and likely will be a life of turning to other people for all your thinking.

This is Dan Millman’s “article” from the book “The Life You Were Born To Live”. He knows a lot, sees, a lot, and doesn’t know and doesn’t see a lot more. But the article may awaken the desire in you to be your own person…

The Law of Faith

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Spiritual Laws that you obey or disobey at the expense of your vibration: The Law of Flexibility

Ask anyone; the happiest moments of one’s life are the moment when we find ourselves in our vertical self… or at least centered and grounded in the bottom of it.

It doesn’t happen a lot, because we are brought up and encouraged to live in our horizontal being.
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New Age Myth Busting: Abundance, Manifesting, and other positive stuff

tikkunNew Age teachers say that we live in a world of abundance. Law of Attraction people say the same.

Now, it may be true, to some degree, but it is not necessarily a good thing for a normal human 1

We live in the physical world. We have physical bodies, and our survival is physical, depending on physical resources that other humans, other physical bodies are in competition for.

Now, is that a good thing? Is the sky a good thing? Is the earth a good thing? It’s a stupid question: it is neither good, nor bad, it is just what’s so.
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