The two hemispheres of the brain and spirituality…

The scenic route of getting some teaching, and making it your own.

Making it nurturing, life affirming tree of life knowledge

I want to share a phenomenon, that, hopefully, will get clearer as I am sharing it. At the moment I can only see its visible aspect. I am almost certain it has an invisible aspect as well.

I read about three hours a day. Something that isn’t connected to my work: fiction.

But recently I have taken on a 20-day challenge: listen to 20 episodes of a Hungarian psychologist, Dr. Peter Popper, in his Mesterkurzus (master course) series, an hour long each.

Excellent, fascinating, the dude is both a psychologist, a university professor, a clinician, AND a religion expert… whatever that means. Continue reading “The two hemispheres of the brain and spirituality…”