Your standards and ideals. Rulemaking. Wanting to win…

…every step of the way

Here are a few unexpected ways you keep yourself trapped in your misery:

1. You have a standard for everything and everyone but often not yourself.

How it should be, how it should go, what is right and what is wrong behavior, looks, everything.

You apply these standards to measure everything and everyone… and, of course, everything and everyone falls short… including yourself.

Standards are something that you invented, or alternatively bought into. You relate to them as if they were universal and mandatory for everyone…

It is all made up. There are no standards that survive reality: these are all made up reality, not binding to everyone, maybe not even to anyone. Continue reading “Your standards and ideals. Rulemaking. Wanting to win…”

It is in the code books stupid! Look in the codes!

I woke up this morning with a question.

What feels good?

Being good, doing good feels good. Doing bad doesn’t feel good to me. And when I am asking my clients, they claim it doesn’t feel good, but then why are they doing it?

I pondered this for about half an hour when I suddenly, like a lightening, saw that good and bad are human constructs. Continue reading “It is in the code books stupid! Look in the codes!”