This explains why we are fat, broke, sick and unhappy

In Reddit there is a thread where the guy shares that he ordered in his grocery pickup, eight bananas.

So they gave him eight bunches of bananas, and charged him for one single banana.

So he posts this on Reddit, and the people there went apeshit with ideas how to eat all the bananas, recipes galore. More comments than in any post I have seen before. Continue reading “This explains why we are fat, broke, sick and unhappy”

Will you get unstuck from the desire trap?

Imagining, the desire trap is an Epicurean way of living.

You imagine what you want, enjoy the pleasures from it, and never invest in a future where you could actually have, in reality, what you wanted.

I just finished Step 10 of the 67 steps… this is my tenth, maybe eleventh round through the 67 audios. It’s given me, so far 26 months of being light on my feet… instead of flat footed. Flat footed, the dictionary says: unprepared and unable to react quickly.

It’s not the meaning I was really looking for. For me flat footed means: cannot turn around on the balls of their feet… stuck. Light footed=able to change. Flat footed=stuck in one position seeing the same thing. And that is the meaning I intend to say. If you know a better way to express that, please contact me.

I have changed a lot in these 26 months. I changed, but more importantly, what I see, what I CAN see has changed. Continue reading “Will you get unstuck from the desire trap?”