Are You romanticizing human evolution? Enlightenment?

ashramWhat you want the next level of evolution to be

If you take a close look at your fantasy of what it’s like to be “enlightened”, where you want to be, you’ll probably imagine white robes, no pain, no illness, no anger, no fear, no anxiety.

You won’t see, in your imaginary ideal world, work, you won’t see controlling spouses, or dirty dishes piling up, teenagers mouthing off, smog, car pile-ups, murder, or traffic jams.

I don’t want to continue, because the list is endless… in short:

You don’t see, in that ideal world, your life and yourself as human.

You want to reach the next level of evolution by ceasing being human. The way pictures show heaven… tell me if I am wrong.

What clued me in, you ask? Thank you for asking.
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