What does IQ drop say: stupid or just incurious?

iq drop... stupid or incurious?The answer to that question, of course, is at the end of this article… I’ll do what I need to do to get you to read it… Why? What would YOU do if you wrote an article every day and only a handful of people would read it? Yeah? I thought so… You would want them to find out why their IQ is low, and what they can do about it, no?

Anyway, I have been playing with my diet.

This has been my ‘style’ for the past, I don’t know… five years?

For a week now I have been eating like a vegetarian. And I am noticing a huge drop in my ability to see, to connect the dots, to see patterns.

This is, by the way, the second time I am eating like a vegetarian… and the second time I am noticing this: I am now about as smart as a cow.

Because I have given myself to the task of distinguishing stuff previously undistinguished by humans, I am simply following Source’s guidance, and every time I follow the seemingly nonsensical guidance, I always see something that surprises me. (By the way, Source is my connection to all-knowledge)

I have vegetarian clients, I know people who are vegetarian, and I even know some vegans.

How come THEY don’t notice that they are dumb?

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