What is your PEP and why you may not have much?

your PEPI watched Dodgeball the movie yesterday.

I am watching The School or Rock today…

…and I had a huge realization… It has been hiding under the surface…

I had never seen this movie, and I didn’t think much of it, but today I am watching it, and I am looking at it from two unique vantage points: the students’ and the other teachers’.

And both: I can relate to.

As a child and young adult I played in a band, I sang in a band, I performed pantomime, I played my guitar on stage…

Most of my classmates were only doing their school and homework bit… they were boring, and I didn’t fit in.

But when it comes to life: nothing beats having diverse experiences. nothing beats having an experience of sticking it to the man… whoever the man is. Whatever the ‘man’ is.

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