You live in a machine. The machine lives your life for you

You live in a machine. The machine lives your life for you

But don’t feel suddenly innocent… you are running this machine as much as this machine is running you.

We could maybe even say: what is your vibration? Your vibration depends on to what degree this machine is running you and your life. The more often it does the lower your vibration.

The only real enemy of this machine is responsibility…

Without responsibility, at this time, and maybe forever, the machine is running unimpeded. Continue reading “You live in a machine. The machine lives your life for you”

Equality: All men are created equal… true or false?

Equality: All men are created equalAll men are created equal. That is the design. Whether you are a Bible reader, where The Book of Genesis says that when God created the world, God created humanity ‘in the Divine Image.’ or you look at the DNA and see that all humans have essentially the same DNA… we are equal, but some people are more equal than others… fffffff! Right?

This is going to be a post/article I am thinking through as I am writing it. I don’t already know what will come out of it.

It is not meant to be racist, elitist, or anything like that. It is meant to be looking what is the truth about that statement in the Declaration of Independence, and what it means to you.

I consider every person a person… so to me all men are a person… and yet, I measure stuff about them, and I hold the idea that the underlying design, the DNA is the same in all.

Hah… and therein lies the mischief. Continue reading “Equality: All men are created equal… true or false?”

Case study: My racket

gears of the racketMy racket, as most rackets, was created by some act of stupidity. The natural stupidity of a 3-year old.

I did the 4-day Forum back in 1987… and I learned about racket. Or maybe it was later? In a later incarnation for the Forum? Does it matter? I learned about it when I learned about it… long time ago.

It seemed to me that every complaint is a different racket, and I wasn’t alone with that. Everyone thought that.

Staff members’ favorite slight to each other and participants was: ‘That is just a racket!’ pronounced in a tone designed to diminish you. Continue reading “Case study: My racket”