I understand what you are saying… I hear what you are saying… I see… Which one do you say?

When you tell someone something, depending on many factors, you are going to get answers that belie their relationship to what you told them.

I once had a driver: she took me to do my weekly errands, I didn’t have any transportation. I talked a lot when I am in her car. Her response to most of it was “I hear you…” That is a non-committal answer, the politest way to say that they consider you noise. That they put up with you speaking.

I have students that say: “I understand.” They took what you said and fitted it into what they already had in their mind, and found a fit. Unless what they understand are the instructions, I know that what I said was wasted, and nothing will happen.

The answer I most appreciate is: “I see it.”

In order to say “I see it” one must track the dynamic, the interaction, the forces, the whole picture. I see it potentially comes from the Observer aka the Witness.

Our goal in this work is to live out of the Witness, or at least spend most of our time there. In the unfrazzled peace of the Witness. In reality

The state you all seem to strive for, the grace, power and fulfillment is only available when YOU are in the Witness.
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Paradigm Shift, Paradigm Jump, what the heck is a paradigm and what’s in it for you? Planetary Ascension, my assssssss.

 March 4, 2011 I’ve been talking about paradigm jumping as a major tool to improve your life. I have been talking about all kinds of stuff regarding paradigms, but what is it, and why should you care?

Evolution of a species is not linear.

There are evolutionary shifts, we could say paradigm shifts. The fish climbing out to dry land was a paradigm shift. A lot more freedom, a lot more stimuli, a lot more fun… but also a lot more danger… And evolutionary jump.

Humanity is poised to take an evolutionary jump, and by poised I mean: should take an evolutionary jump if it wants to survive as a species on this beautiful little planet called Earth.
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Bloodless, tearless transformation

A big winter storm is moving across America (I hear Europe isn’t doing better) and people are holding their breaths… Waiting for Godot 1 or waiting for death… hoping…

How you do anything is how you do everything. If a snow storm makes you hold your breath, how do you think you are when you are trying to face yourself? Hold your breath… of course. You cannot face the tiger… because you don’t like to feel bad… anything bad.

The-powers-that-be teach you to keep your face to the light and avoid the darkness surrounding it. It eventually evolved to a slogan: Think Positive.

Result: a sissy humanity that is drowning in misery.

There are two kinds of lights: one light is like the Sun, life-giving and one light is like a fluorescent light or a candle… lets you see around you, but that’s it. It won’t give you satisfaction, it won’t give you anything… it’s small.
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FOUR ADDICTIONS or why people whose job is to help you, can’t and won’t

Here is a quote from Rob Brezsny’s weekly newsletter to illustrate that “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong”.

Answers that sound like solutions… but aren’t… they just hide the problem deeper… so we get further away from the truth.

Our ability to pursue our dreams can be inhibited by four addictions:

1. an addiction to what other people think of us;
2. an addiction to creating melodrama in a misguided quest for excitement;
3. an addiction to believing we’re imprisoned by what happened in the past;
4. an addiction to negative thoughts that fill us with anxiety.
(Thanks to success coach Tom Ferry for these ideas.)

The good news is that it is your birthright to beat all four of those addictions. The work won’t come fast or early, and it may never be perfect. But it’s quite possible

The above is an example of how coaches teach us. It’s all surface. Simple, easy, and not true. 99% of what you find in books on the internet, in articles, is simple, easy, and not true.

Explanations exist; they have existed for all time; there is always a well-known solution to every human problem — neat, plausible, and wrong. H.L. Mencken

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Courage: a paradigm away

nietzsche-quote-paradigmsI had an interesting insight yesterday: you don’t know what it feels like to have courage available to you.

When you apply courage, it just feels like you are doing what you are doing, what you were afraid of. Normal.

Which indicates to me, that courage is a paradigm-shifter.

Paradigm is like a glass ceiling. A one-side mirror. When you are in a higher paradigm, you can see what is below you, but if you are still in a lower paradigm, you cannot see what’s above. In fact you don’t know there is something, anything.

truman show comparison with JesusIn The Truman Show, Truman didn’t know there is a whole world outside of what he knew… He had to get to a point where he suspected, and then where he walked through that door. So it is a process in a way… not a moment.

So, like with everything, there is a period of getting ready.
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Transformation: Making the impossible possible

paradigm-shift-cartoonWe all live in a paradigm. It is our model of reality. Our paradigm is bordered and separated from higher paradigms by all the things that we know. Not what we believe, but what we know. Beliefs are content in a paradigm, but don’t define it. The paradigm defines the content, the paradigm defines the beliefs.

While I am not sure that there are parallel universes, there are definitely higher paradigms that we can visit and find out where we are erring in our own paradigm.

But most of us while we visit, we have a Transformative 1 or transformational experience: a glimpse at a paradigm where what is impossible at the moment, is possible. It may be followed, maybe not. May just be an insight, but not an enlargement of the current paradigm, it won’t last, it won’t take, it is like a seed dropped on the sidewalk: it won’t become transformation.
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Why are people so low vibration? Including the teachers, the gurus, the energy practitioners?

jacobsladderIf you read one of my previous articles, your answer (most of it) is there: our upbringing is based on the interest of the “powers that be” and not on the interest of the individual, or the interest of the human race: the Original Design, evolution, being an expanding personality.

Our lives, what we are allowed to do, see and know, is not that much different from what you see in the movies “The Truman Show” or “The Matrix” and we are policed, rigorously, and incessantly.

And the policing forces are also “sheep” and have no idea about the truth, about their own status…

So, humanity, in lack of real information, to understand and make what they see easier to handle, easier to be with, invented an imaginary world of explanations, gods, spirits, angels… just to be able to make sense of what they needed to deal with.

Vibration, your vibration, your consciousness level and the ability to be with stuff that is not easy to be with are correlated: meaning: once one gets high, the other gets high as well.
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