Most things are only visible in hindsight.

hindsightMost things are only visible in hindsight.

Good or bad, it is immaterial.

    • My chiropractor has been unavailable Tuesday mornings for almost a month. By now I hurt. I spent two hours last night trying to get comfortable before I could fall asleep.I would have never know how much I need regular adjustments without taking a long break. Going there every week, kind of poo-pooing the individual experiences is what it’s taken me to be virtually pain free.I shared it with the chiropractor, because I thought that it is a good idea for his marketing: after all most people do not go to chiropractors, because they can’t even imagine that it can help… or they go when they are really broken.

      —A few years ago…
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    If you don’t have a project, you don’t have a life. How to pick a project that will take you where you want to go?

    It is projects that give substance to life, give you a reason to get up in the morning, other than that you didn’t die the night before, or that you have to go to the bathroom.

    If you are bored, if you are listless, if you are stuck, if life has lost its taste, it’s because you don’t have a viable and worthy project.

    This is most of you, because this is most of humanity.

    A project is something with a specific, measurable, public result in the end. It is also nested in the larger project that is your life, but also larger projects that have the same direction, but are longer term with loftier end result.

    Here is an example. I’ll use it because one of my friends might come to this site and see the errors of his ways… lol.

    Let’s say your goal in life is to die a millionaire. A million bucks net worth. Your net worth now is minus 37 grand, and you carry a lot of debt.
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    Effortless Abundance news: non-alcoholic version, side effects, feedback, meditation

    Effortless Abundance Activator: Allow abundance to reach you: feel abundance, release tension, release longing, jealousy, envy, greed, resistance and gain power in your life. The remedy contains 168 different transformative energies that effect a different area of life and a different area of your personality. Removes the effects of stress, failure, fear, anxiety and replace them with peace and well-being. Energy medicine: no medical claims, no chemicals, no voodoo. True and tried. Unconditionally guaranteed to work.

    New: I have added a non-alcoholic version of this remedy on Amazon.

    Unexpected side effects to Effortless Abundance Activator

    I didn’t expect results and changes the way they happened. I thought they would be gentle, gradual. It didn’t happen that way for me. It was more like I wanted want more light, and I meant another light bulb, well within my comfort zone, but what I got is the whole cloudless sky. Overwhelming.
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