Why are my articles so hard to understand?

I have been having a difficult time writing enough about any one topic to finish one article… Meaning I have six articles started, and can’t or won’t finish them.

What’s going on?

I am afraid.

That’s new FEARLESS Sophie, tell me more?

Some of the things that are being shown to me recently are polarizing. Dividing people. Will make some, maybe many people angry.

The truth hurts. And when something hurts, it is natural to go to victim mode, effect mode, and point a blaming finger at someone. At me.

So I have been cowardly, and have been sitting on the fence.

But today I think I’ll overcome the inertia, and say what there is to say.

OK, it’s about vibration, capacities, and what you can get or not get, what you can use, what is going to work for you or not, depending on your numbers. 1When I measure your Starting Point Measurements, I give you a recommendation. It is not cookie cutter… I actually look what would be a step that you can take. Occasionally I say: I don’t recommend anything. That is a bad sign… 🙁 Continue reading “Why are my articles so hard to understand?”

Your actions, behavior, and emotions are toxic to your emotional and physical well being. Enclosed into your own energy, you are your own toxic environment

water1Most everyone already knows the frozen water crystals experiment by Masaru Emoto: how words, music, and other emotional expressions altered the coherence of the water. Coherence, I guess, can be expressed in the symmetry of the crystal.

It now has become Tree of Knowledge: you saw the pictures… but you weren’t there. And even if you were… so what?

It’s the kind of knowledge that is useless. USELESS. Why?

Useful means you can use it. Not in a conversation, but to alter yourself and your environment. But you can’t.


Because none of the tools you know how to use, I mean really know… the way you can drive, the way you can make boiled eggs… “know it because you can do it” way.
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Low vibration? Here are some clues why that is… Updated

Summary: people don’t understand why their vibration is so low… in spite of all the work they have done on themselves, or the positive outlook they have on life, a life of making a difference, meditation, etc. Here are some of my answers…

  1. You live in and through your mind. You are curious, you ask a lot of questions, you amassed a lot of Tree of Knowledge type knowledge, and you feel secure in the world. You may have even achieved some success… But you are out of touch. Out of touch with your body, out of touch with your emotions, out of touch with reality. You don’t have the capacities of an Expanding Human Being, and you are not interested in becoming one. The price (all that “knowledge) is too much for you.
  2. Everybody is surprised to hear that Canada’s vibration is not friendly to my products, and that people from Canada have lower vibration on average than the rest of the world.

    Canadians themselves are offended… From their point of view, they are the highest vibrating, most friendly, most moral, highly socially conscious people on the planet.
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