I there any truth in the ‘law of attraction’?

I read someone’s email this morning and in it the dude says: It is important to bet on the person and not on the deal

Why? Because deals are a dime a dozen

So, he says, it is import to bet on the process no on the result… not on the pot of gold.

And if there is a person going to do the process… hell, you should bet on the person first and only if you deem you should, only then bet on the process.

It is the classic example of not putting the cart in front the horse…

But, alas, knowing what to bet on and in what order requires a little bit of thinking. Continue reading “I there any truth in the ‘law of attraction’?”

‘My’ amazon best seller is now out and is a best seller

amazon best sellerMy amazon best seller is out.

The book I co-authored. I paid a thousand bucks to be part of that project.

First it was exciting. There was also fear, ‘am I good enough?’. Then a whole month where my attention was stolen by the topic of the book (The Entrepreneur Code) and every article I wrote, every conversation went to the topic… entrepreneurship.

Then I wrote six different article-length chapters, and discarded them all. Continue reading “‘My’ amazon best seller is now out and is a best seller”