Raising your vibration happens through doing things

Raising your vibration happens through doing things that you wouldn’t do without the intention to raise your vibration.

Coaching is making you do what you need to do, but don’t want to, that will get you what you desire.

Often any deviation from the normal, the accepted, the habitual, the regular, the easy, the socially acceptable is all you need to open up and allow you to glimpse at dormant capacities. Or alternatively see your need for capacities that you don’t have but could start to desire. Continue reading “Raising your vibration happens through doing things”

From My Correspondence: Can you help me: My Kundalini rose and messed me up!

kundalini risingA reader sent me this email. There is nothing personal about it: it could happen to you what happened to them. This is why I want to you read it.

Hi Sophie,

It’s been awhile since we’ve communicated or worked together, but I could really use your help. I negligently did some things to myself that threw me way out of balance and I have no idea how to fix it.

Around the end of July, I went to a fair where I bought a couple of gemstones, one of which was garnet, which the person selling it to me said was good for my root chakra. Without really understanding what I was doing and thinking I was simply healing my root chakra, I put the stone directly behind me on the chair I was sitting on for about 3 hours while my root chakra resonated to it. The next day I had an absolutely massive kundalini rising which lasted for about 2 days and was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. It was completely unexpected and caught me completely off guard. I had no intention of messing with my kundalini in any way whatsoever and still would prefer not to have it active because the energy is incredibly overwhelming and too much for me to handle. I later found out that garnet has the property of stimulating kundalini but there was absolutely no way I could have known this.
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