Updated: Discovery, invention, innovation and ambition: Introducing the Unification Energy

tower-of-babel-pieter-bruegelSummary: some six thousand years ago a mind virus was introduced. It lead to the rise of a strong ruling class and a sheep-like plebs. In this article I introduce the first ever remedy to the mind virus: the Unification Energy.

You see, humans have a strong inner connection to wisdom through connecting to All-Knowledge, but the mind virus severed, blocked the connection between the part of each human that connects and the part that they consider themselves to be… the part that has the mind, the subconscious, the body, and the Ego. The part that will look for nourishment, guidance, leadership, meaning, outside: on the horizontal plane.

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The only way to affect real change is to change the root cause of what you want to change.

the three great mysteries of life

The Three Great Mysteries: air to a bird, water to a fish, mankind to himself
~ Hindu Proverb

We live in an age where, we could say, are poised to move our inquiry into areas where it could make a difference. Not yet… obviously.]

I say in every area of the mystery that we call life and Universe.

In health. In well-being. In climate change and caring for our planet. In evolution, genetics, and feeding all these people. In psychology. In human growth and self-actualization.

We are still on the surface, and everything you buy, everything you read, everything you can think is still not cause, and doing it won’t make a difference… except…

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Is the fixed mindset a sign of courage deficiency? Can you turn on courage?

If you can’t measure it it doesn’t exist.

The world’s population is divided. A small part tries to get results through effort, and the large part is trying to sail on their innate abilities alone.

People in both parts have an ego. Ego is normal.

Ego can push you forward, or ego can hold you back.

This is exactly how it works in the two parts of the population.

  1. The people who want to live through effort, learning, challenges use their ego to push them forward.
  2. The other part… hell, they use their ego to get offended from criticism, to hide from challenges, and to make sure they maintain their self-image… whatever it may be.

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Who do you like? Who do you love?

WHO IS IT that your puppy loves?Or here is another question for you: Who are you?

If you asked back: What do you mean? you did the smart thing. Because the question: who are you? can be asked from so many vantage points, we can spend hours exploring that.

This is one of the things you learn to do when you are in my coaching program, Reclaim.

In that program I use Tai Lopez audios, 67 audios, 67 steps, about 100 different ways to ask a question, to look at life, including your life.

I don’t like Tai Lopez, but I like what his program is doing to my life, and what it is doing to my clients’ lives.

I don’t like a lot of people. Why? Maybe a better question would be: What do you like? Who do you like, Sophie.
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Why I was miserable for 17 straight years… I didn’t know until just now

hey coach...As I said in a previous article, I am reading the book, The One Thing.

Most books, just like Tai says, are one-gold-nugget books. Tree of Knowledge. This one is full of gold nuggets. The One Thing book is a Tree of Life book

The nugget I discovered yesterday may be the most important thing I have missed, and I see others miss…

It is and have been in plain sight but at the same time it is invisible, like most new distinctions. Until you see it, you don’t…

The nugget, this new distinction, is the foundation for the Ben Jonson quote from Poor Richard’s Almanac: “He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master” 1

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Hemp kernels… the perfect food that’s also tasty

I don’t remember why I first bought hemp seeds but I did… and ate a tablespoonful here and there. Last September, I think…

It made no noticeable difference. I guess the hulled seeds and little bits of hull staying in the mix didn’t make it that appetizing. Had to brush my teeth after it… the kernels stuck to my teeth.

But when about a month ago I found out that coffee was going to kill me, lol, I was looking for something that could help. I wanted to go back to drinking tea, but I can’t drink tea without milk. And tea without milk also tests too acidic for me. That was also the problem with coffee. I have a sensitive stomach and a damaged esophagus.

So I looked for information on how to make almond milk at home, and found out that hulled hemp seeds made great hemp milk… Tested it and lo and behold, they do. Much smoother and richer than almonds.

And because I am a tea addict, I am drinking a godawful lot of hemp milk with my tea… and I am getting better. Healthier. Stronger. Younger looking. My wrinkles are smoothing out, which I didn’t much care about, but others do. Continue reading “Hemp kernels… the perfect food that’s also tasty”

The results are in: you can raise your energy by listening to a simple audio

I don’t quite know why it works so well, but it does. So let me try to decipher… and see why it works, what it does, how it creates such a dramatic difference in your energy level… OK?

As usual, my students, volunteering to be guinea pigs, tested it. And this morning I connected to them and measured their cell hydration… and the numbers are proof: the audio works directly on their cell water level, meaning the cells are willing to use more water because more water is coherent inside your body.

Coherence is like the difference between orderly and chaotic. Cells are not willing to use chaotic, incoherent water. Coherence, just like boiling point, is at a set level of energy: 653 on the vibrational scale. Being that natural waters found on the planet are between 150 and 250 vibration, it takes a lot of energy to make water coherent. Continue reading “The results are in: you can raise your energy by listening to a simple audio”

Can the Water Energizer audio energize your cells directly if you listen through headphones?

energize your body while you are doing other things water energizer audioUpdate 10/5/2018: I didn’t realize this when ‘i wrote this article: I should have tested the energizer audio’s effect on my cell hydration, not direct download from source.

What is the difference?

When I download the energy into the water a five gallon container gets energized to coherence in less than a minute. Using the audio it takes between 48 hours and 72 hours… so9 that means that the audio does not raise your cell hydration directly. oops, my bad.

Do the remedy creating audios work on your body too? Does the Water Energizer energize your cells directly?

I haven’t heard this question in a long time, which is interesting.

Regardless, I tested it.

Because 60% of your body is water, some body parts more, if you listen to the audios through headphones they get infused in your body.

How did I test it?

I just downloaded the Water Energizer energy into my body. I measured my cell hydration before, in the middle, and after.

My cell hydration number was 30% when I started, and it rose to 70%.

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What do you have to prove? That you are smart? That will make you ignorant AND miserable

I have shared with you in my previous article all the juicy principles I gleaned from my conversation with the student who hated the idea to become proud of his ancestral heritage.

But I had one insight that, for me, was worth a lot more than the rest of the two hour long conversation.

I actually saw, for the first time, why my decision to accept being stupid, was so dramatically effective for me.

When you live your life inside smart and stupid… you live inside a circumstance.

You don’t have much to say about your abilities… I mean, it is true that if you hydrate your cells, you get smarter. It is true that if you make peace between your two selves with the Unconditional Love Activator: you become smarter. Continue reading “What do you have to prove? That you are smart? That will make you ignorant AND miserable”

You… the good, the bad, and the ugly. Team you…

Yesterday I shared with you the evolution of my Self. It’s like Beethoven’s Fifth… Victorious.

When you look at what I wrote and your life, you may get depressed, feel inferior, and go into despair.


  • First off: don’t compare. It is comparing apples to oranges… your job is not to live my life: it is my job.
  • Second: you can’t see everything in another’s life… so you are jumping the gun.

Here is dark stuff in mine…
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