Bloodless, tearless transformation. Really?

A big winter storm is moving across America (I hear Europe isn’t doing better) and people are holding their breaths… Waiting for Godot A French nihilist play where people are talking waiting for some imaginary character, called Godot, someone who never comes, and yet you can spend your life waiting for him… Recognize yourself?

One of my favorite short movies is called Godzilla and Bambi… Bambi is grazing, Godzilla stomps him… the end.

or waiting for death… hoping…

How you do anything is how you do everything. If a snow storm makes you hold your breath, how do you think you are when you are trying to face yourself? Hold your breath… of course. You cannot face the tiger… because you don’t like to feel bad… anything bad.

The-powers-that-be teach you to keep your face to the light and avoid the darkness surrounding it. It eventually evolved to a slogan: Think Positive.

Result: a sissy humanity that is drowning in misery.

There are two kinds of lights: one light is like the Sun, life-giving and one light is like a fluorescent light or a candle… lets you see around you, but that’s it. It won’t give you satisfaction, it won’t give you anything… it’s small.

We are told to follow the small still voice within, but no one can check what we hear, no one can check if we are listening to the “right voice” out of the many voices within, and people I watch follow the voice within that tells them to withdraw, to shrink, to shrink away from what is hard, ugly, painful, or fearful.

One of the disciplines I immersed myself on my path to here is Kabbalah, the Kabbalah Centre version of it. Kabbalah is quite open to interpretation.

One of the most important things I learned in my five years immersion is that the Light, the life giving light is behind the darkness. The darker it seems the more Light it reveals when you have the courage and the know-how to go beyond it.

Another way it was said that the Light conceals itself with layers of buffer, as if you put layers and layers of bed-sheets on the window. First it filters the light, but put up enough bed-sheets, and you live in darkness.

Humanity lives in that darkness, and satisfies itself with inventing better and better light sources, like the newest I know, the led light fixtures. Ingenious.

The Dark Side, a group of people that revel in keeping people in darkness, in smallness, in quiet desperation, in slavery, just like the TV production kept Truman in the movie, The Truman Show.

When you look at your own life, don’t you experience asking yourself; “Is this all there is?”. Or don’t you ever wonder why your life seems repetitious, your money, success, happiness so limited and so small?

truman-showThe Truman Show

This is a very interesting short video putting religious references over the movie: worth watching, even if you are an atheist, like myself.

Here is the trailer of the movie.

is one of the most, accidentally, truth-telling movies. Of course some parts of it are not how it is… but the fact that we live in a world that is isolated from all-of-it, that has none of the grandeur of Life, that our choices are limited, and our misery, longing, sense of lack is permanent, like an undercurrent, underscoring everything.

And of course there is no door on our personal wall… the access to something bigger and better is through the dark spots, the darkness that we don’t want to approach. The unknown, the bigger scares us and we choose, time and again, to live in the little limited world where we know (and hate) every nook and cranny, but it’s comfortable.

If you are like that, you don’t belong with me, because you are, to me, the enemy. The ballast that keeps humanity down.

You see, the Dark Side people could continue doing what they are doing, but it’s not personal, and it’s not a physical prison bar they managed to erect, and who keeps the rest of humanity from evolving into the beautiful Expanding Human Being society is you… with your voyeuristic fascination of what you are not doing, what you are not willing to do, but are titillated watching it.

I don’t kid myself that you will ever take that step. I don’t. Your entire life, your cowardice, your finding satisfaction in meaningless stupid things tells me the whole story, the ending: you are not someone who should even be given a glimpse at heaven: because you are the enemy. You’ll weaken it, and spoil it for the ones that have a big enough desire to move them past the fear.

I want to attract the Jim Carreys of the world, (Jim Carrey played Truman in The Truman Show.) not the do-it-yourself pretenders.

Not the 99% but the 1% that can make the world what it really is, for everyone. An exciting and dangerous place, but alive. Alive with pleasure and with grief. The whole enchilada, not just the “tasty” parts.

Are you healthy enough to have meaning to your life? Purpose?

This is my quest: to follow that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far.

Meaning: Following THAT Star. The alternative is Meaningless
This is my quest: to follow that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far.

Humans are strange animals: they need meaning to make their lives to feel more than just existing. They need purpose to give a backbone, to give direction, to transform a life of prose to poetry.

But life is, in itself, empty and meaningless… so how do you find the meaning, how do you find the purpose?

I was 38 years old when meaning first entered my life. It was dramatic, and it was life altering.

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Who is Speaking? or how to find your own voice. Find your Self

We all want to find out who we are, so we can be true to ourselves… but who we are is not who we are at all… it’s all the people that taught us, teachers, parents, Facebook, etc… But you can start distinguishing the “not you” and what you will be left with is the you that you have been looking for.

Most of us are like a Frankenstein monster, built from the ideas of people around us. Continue reading “Who is Speaking? or how to find your own voice. Find your Self”

Case Study #4: Landmark Education and its programs

Werner Erhard, founder of est and the original source of Landmark EducationI first participated in what is now called Landmark Education back in 1985, the last weekend of August, in Haifa Israel.

I lived in an immigration hostel, I worked as an architect and town planner in Jerusalem and I was miserable.

In quick succession two Russian immigrants killed themselves: I knew and liked them both. One of them was so determined that she manage to hang herself from the window bars, even though the window sill was only about 20 inches… Knee high.

I was going to be next. Except that someone invited me to something on a Wednesday evening.

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