What’s missing from Rapid Peace, the Power of Now, and other books…

being identified with the mindEverybody and their sister is teaching you to be in the present moment, to surrender to the present moment.

I have observed people who loved it in Eckhart Tolle’s book, and now I am observing a famous marketer marketing an ebook on the same principle.


There is always a but, have you noticed?

Everything of this genre works for some people and doesn’t for most.

What is the difference between people, and how come the people teach it, don’t know the difference? Because they don’t…
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What is energized water? At what vibration it gets coherent

energized-waterThis article explains what is energized water Explains what energizing does to the water. Tells you the difference between water in nature or from your tap, from a bottle, and energized water.

The main difference is that energized water, fully energized water, water whose vibration is raised to 653, is coherent. Coherent so that the human cells accept it willingly. whereas all other waters are not willingly accepted by the cells.

A few years ago I had a conversation with a well known guru. I shared with him that energized water is amazingly smooth That it is easy to drink, tastes good, and makes you feel like you did something good for your body.

He got really really angry. He said: water is water. H2O

Now, years later I am still drinking energized water, I look younger than I looked when I was 50, and my skin is smooth, my health is great. He is divorced, battling depression, he could use some energized water… lol.
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Now, what happens in the water when it’s energized?

There are lots of theories out there, but as an empath I can actually feel it.

Energized water (of course it probably depends on the energizing method! I am talking about MY method of energizing water) is like a huge comb that smooths out the water.

energized-water-2Water coming out of the tap, your well, most lakes and rivers, is energetically incoherent: the water molecules don’t work well together. The taste is chunky, the touch is rough, and not silky as energized water.

The Energizer® is a Source energy that smooths out the water molecules, that make the water molecules sing the same tune, like an orchestra once the conductor appears.

Your body can use energized water better than it can use “normal” water. Because the body is a living organism, it is coherent, otherwise you would not be able to walk! When you add water that is incoherent, fuzzy, angry, and the molecules are conflicting with each other, the body needs to use its own resources to soothe the water so it can use it.

Those same resources could be used to be smart, to fight disease, to feel good, to make money, to understand stuff, to learn new things, to live well…

When you add energized water to the body, it actually increases its coherence, if necessary, and saves the body’s resources.

The Energizer energy is the type of energy that can be “propagated” with entrainment: if you put a bottle of energized water next to a non-energized water, over time the two bottles synchronize, mostly at the energy level of the energized water.

I have recorded myself energizing water. I breathe audibly, because the audio can carry the energy. I sell this audio file and you can use it to energize your water.

The speaker needs to be touching the container you have your water you want to treat. It is easiest and best to use a headset and wrap it around the bottle with the water.

Because the work the energy needs to do, combing the water, making it coherent, it takes time, about an hour an liter, two hours a gallon.

There are other types of energies that when they are infused in the water, they don’t change the water, they are an add-on. Those energies require only minutes to infuse. (HOE long range, Unconditional Love Activator, Effortless Abundance Activator, Wake Up Productive, Bright Focus are such energies that I sell)

Energizing water is a structural alteration of the water mass… not infusion.

It is best to start with purified water. Distilled water is dead water, but it can be re-energized with the Energizer®

I use a two-tier simple under the counter filter bought in the hardware store. I energize my water for a few days, so I never drink incoherent water again. I wash my food in energized water as well.

Want to energize your water?

Energize your water to coherence

Updated: If your vibration is under 200

Before I let you use any of my products, your purchase needs to get approved by me. Why? Because most people don’t understand that not everything is going to work for them. They like something and they want it… then they will return it because it won’t do what I promised.

All promises are conditional. Just like weight loss products are conditional on your eating and exercising changes… If you don’t keep your end of the deal, the deal is off.

The only part I have control over is your vibration when you make the purchase. If your vibration is under a certain level, the product you bought won’t work for you. That simple…. 1Low vibrational level is also expressed by a lack of intelligence. Most people buy products without asking for their vibration to be measured… And then I have to disappoint them because they can’t have what they ordered. Please don’t be one of those… Get your vibration measured by me for a small donation.

What works for people with a vibration under 200? Or at the minimum 170

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Breath is access to Soul, to all-of-it, your higher self. Finding the blockages in breath and eliminating them

deep unconscious breathNearly all of humanity is infected with the mind virus. Slowly we constitute our whole self and our whole world as our minds, unawares that we are several magnitudes more powerful than the mind… and by mind I mean the storage device of the brain, not the whole brain.

When I ask people on the calls to watch their breathing, or look for blockages, without exception they hold their breath: the mind tells them to do so. Why would the mind do that? Like all virus it is only interested in perpetuating itself, and when you are asked to watch or observe, accidentally! you might access your witness, your Observer, and then you will see the mind for what it is: a pea size hard drive able to do search and compare, and that’s it.

That is the part, that pea size hard drive that you have been asking to run your life effectively.
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I need your help to name the remedy… Please

wake-up-ready-2I need your help

It has become clear to me that calling the energy remedy Effortless Abundance Activator wasn’t as good an idea as I hoped it was going to be: only few people resonate with that, and no one seems to search for Effortless Abundance… literally.

So what does the remedy do, that would be a better clue to people that it’s a perfect match to what they desire?

Here are my own observations:

  1. wake up productiveIt somehow causes me to wake up ready… this used to be a dream of mine, to not waste the first few hours of every day trying to get ready… tea, more tea, moping around, reading my emails…. and maybe, if I was lucky, by noon I would start doing something useful.
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