THERE is a Principle of Power in every person: and there does not appear to be any limit to the possibilities of his growth

This article is based on Wallace D. Wattles’ famous third book, The Science Of Being Great and, of course, what I have to say about the topic.

We all want to be great… or at least be considered great, and we all fall short… because we are NOT great, not great at all. The gap between what we hope and what we produce keeps us, overtly or covertly miserable and self-hating.

By being great Wallace D. Wattles means someone who tunes in to All-Knowledge AND acts in a Certain Way. Neither of it is typical… neither of it is practiced by the majority, although all consider it a standard, an ideal… for others.

This chapter establishes the grounds from which Wattles builds his theory: Human being is miserable unless he is growing. Miserable, unless he is advancing. By nature…

I am definitely an example of being able to tune into the All-Knowledge, and am a student of acting in a Certain Way. I am not there much of the time… maybe not even 80%. But the quality of my life is incomparable with what it was before I started practicing the Certain Way.

Read and heed. You’ll know if you are ready to hear this or not. How will you know? This will sound like good news if you are ready. And boring or not for you, if you are not. Or worse than that: you’ll think of all the people for whom this should be a must, but not you… (Especially if your soul correction is “Removing The Dark Side”.

I hope you are ready. For your own sake…
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Everything You Ever Wanted Is Coming To You Through Other People.

Henry David Thoreau wrote

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation.

What is the meaning of desperation?

Desperate means “having lost all hope.” … If you are in a desperate situation, it means things are really, really bad. Desperate… Both desperate and despair come from the same Latin verb as despair.

I remember clearly what that is like. It wasn’t long ago where I was wholly resigned and therefore had nothing to look forward to…

It was about 10 years ago that I had a turning point.

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What is the secret to joy? To a joy-full life?

How much joy do you have in your life?

I learned to ask this question from Dr. Popper… whose videos are my 20-day learning challenge.

Each video is about an hour long, I listen at 1.5x speed, because time is money. This speed still allows me to ponder and listen at the same time.

I am a fast listener: I don’t go to my mind to compare, to negate, to argue. I listen and ponder.

I turn what I hear into gold. This is one of my principles in life: to put all power in all actions… to turn everything I do into gold. Or into Life… which is the same. Praiseworthy. Excellent. Valuable.

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There is no hurry on the creative plane…

there-is-no-hurryWallace D. Wattles said that. One Hundred years ago. 1

Of course he was mistaken in 70% of what he said; your thoughts do not create, etc. and yet. The 30% is worth its weight in gold.

I have been practicing being on the creative plane: no hurry, no competition, no scarcity, you can’t miss anything… Not easy to stay on it… wasn’t even easy to “climb” on it.

It’s been the best thing ever happened to my life.

I see it even clearer by observing my students who are always in a hurry.

Tai has this “patient-impatient” and “impatient-patient” going, and I have to admit that it goes right over my head… just like his PACE categories… but I completely get that if you start anything with the idea that it is going be fast, that it is going to be easy, you are going to make mistakes, and you are going to run out of steam.
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Tree of Knowledge path to life… Tree of Life path to Life. What’s the difference?

evolution-horseAs people round the steps in the 67 step coaching program, as they begin the second cycle, they start to see new things, or they keep on seeing the same things…

Some see the things from memory. Comparing. “Knowing”. And some from actually seeing.

Step two (in the 67 steps) introduces the idea of the Selfish Gene, evolutionary stable strategy.

This point is where people diverge: one in the direction of the Tree of Knowledge, the other in the direction of the Tree of Life.

It is really amazing to watch them go, unaware of the other path.
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The Follow-Your-Passion Myth and What’s the Truth

The following article is based on a quote from Roy Williams’ Monday Morning Memo; always an inspiration. This week especially. This week even I need it… lol

Why am I not explaining it myself? Because he is a better writer. Because he says it better than I can ever say it: you need to bring your passion, your love, your happiness to everything, instead of waiting (hands out) for it to be provided.

And, of course, this includes raising your vibration, transformation, healing: pretty much all the things you expect someone or something to provide.

Human Being is powerful, is meant to be powerful. Waiting for something to be given to you is PRETENDING TO BE POWERLESS. Not a human being. Raising your vibration is a function of your starting to use your Human Being capacities, instead of settling for the status quo, resigning to living a hum drum life.
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Why Should I Have To… They Should Just Give It To Me…

Do you have this attitude? It sounds something like this: why should I have to work so hard, pay attention, ask for it, earn it, dress up, look good, do well, get a degree, read that book, do my homework… they should just give it to me, because I am pretty, I was good last week, I am already tired…

I got lucky today. I have been playing the Self-discipline activator, and it must work wider than that, or maybe this is the point, but my awareness is over the top. I notice stuff about myself that never knew I had.

This is how I caught this attitude, the killer of all results, and the genesis of a lot of grumpy, disgruntled people’s anger.

I knew about one aspect of it for a long time. As a business woman I have had this attitude that people should just buy from me because my product is good, without me having to tell them it’s good, without me having to sell it.

It never worked, of course. But I thought that I was over it.

But core issues have a way of shape-shifting, and coming back dressed so different, you don’t recognize it’s the same issue. Or they go underground.
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Breakfast or no breakfast?

breakfast or no breakfastI bought a book yesterday. An ebook, to be precise.

I only bought it because I wanted something to offer to my overweight or weight conscious readers. I have been, myself, packing it on, and I thought that if I got into trouble, maybe other people did too… you?

breakfast or no breakfastAnyway, I read the whole book, or more precisely, I listened to it on my computer, and I got more than I bargained for.

You see, it is one thing to know that we are duped into the Tree of Knowledge, everyone knows type of stuff, and it is another to see it precisely, what they said, when they said it, why they said it, what was their purpose, what is the cost. Can you see my point?

Let me give you an example: You have a friend and you get along famously. Then someone says something, offhandedly, something like: “That friend of you talks about you behind your back. And she laughs at you…”
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Questions and Answers:

Dear Sophie,

After last night’s call, I have some questions for you.

-I wanted to ask you what you actually mean, instead of what I interpreted when you gave me soul correction + flaw. In terms of actually doing my soul work, what does it mean that I have Silent Partner and flaw of Pretense? (I thought I knew until I read one of the posts by aaron online). I suspect this will hurt like a band aid coming off to hear, but I’d rather find out exactly what you mean instead of thinking I know. Then I can go about catching it


Each character flaw is a pretense.

You are made of the same stuff as Source, and that is powerless beyond measure. You live in the world of scarcity, but that doesn’t mean that your powers disappeared, they are limited by the physicality, that’s all.

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Well Being, Aliveness, Energy, Inspiration, Life Force: How do you squash them so you are never really well?

Well Being, Aliveness, Energy, Inspiration, Life Force: How do you squash them so you are never really well?

About 50% of my site’s new visitors come in search of a miracle way to get well.

Another 30% come to find a way to love and the good feelings it gives you. Mostly they were disappointed in Christie Marie Sheldon, the love or above lady I write about.

The rest come to learn about muscle testing, vibration, and other stuff…

In this email I mainly address the well-being issue, because there is a book I’d like you to read.

No, I didn’t write it. No, I don’t get a commission… lol.

The book was written 100 years ago, and it is still more valid than any and all books written on health, including the Healing Code book by Dr. Alex Loyd.

Why would be that so? Because Wallace D. Wattles got most of the Original Design correctly.

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