Three stories about the rock blocking the road

I went to architecture school in 1966.

We were told, from the very beginning that we are taught where to find the knowledge, and not knowledge itself.

When you need it: you look it up. Or you know who to ask. Or you know how to figure it out.

I took that to heart.

I didn’t even learn the formulas for calculating the size of building elements… Instead I paid attention to how they came to that calculation so when I need the formula I can re-create it. Continue reading “Three stories about the rock blocking the road”

10 Proven Brain Benefits of Memorization

In Praise of Memorization: 10 Proven Brain Benefits

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Memory learning catches a lot of flack these days. Informed educators are often quick to write off rote memorization as an unnecessary and even harmful exercise, instead preferring to teach creativity and problem solving. While we agree that creative, analytical lessons are a great way to learn, it’s worth pointing out that memorization can still play an important role in learning, no matter your age. Read on to find 10 great benefits of memorization in school and beyond.


      Although memorizing lines of poetry may not feel particularly essential, it’s an important task for training your brain to remember things. This type of memorization task exercises your brain, giving it strength to retain more information. Memorizing passages or poetry over time (rather than cramming) is a very effective way to make your brain more receptive to remembering.

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