Your actions are for the immediate and the cheap

This is a long article. It is only worth reading if you are interested in a different life than you are living. If not… not worth reading… Go back to Facebook, or your romance novel, or witches, goblins, vampires, or whatever you feel your life with.

I am re-reading one of my favorite fiction books, Reamde by Neal Stephenson.

The book feels slower than it was the first time. I saw only about 5% of it for the first time… But who I am and what I can see have changed subtly… I have two distinctions that I didn’t have when I first read it. I’ll share those two distinctions.

There are two characters in the book that manifest those two distinctions, Zula and Sokolov.

  • Honoring the timeless, what will never change… is one of the distinctions, and the other is
  • spending no, or only little time thinking of themselves.

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The magic of synergy: Bach Profile and Mustard Seed… together

I got an email from a student who was watching my Mustard Seed video and also bought his Bach Profile.

Both are vehicles for deep insight, but together they are unbeatable, because how you go about deciding what is your higher power that you are going to honor, as in the 12 step programs, will come completely consistent with your Bach Profile. Continue reading “The magic of synergy: Bach Profile and Mustard Seed… together”

Do your spiritual practices make you higher vibration?

What is the common error in many of the spiritual practices, an error that result in not what someone wanted from the practice, but instead forcing, or self-righteousness… neither of which are very spiritual? 1

I am learning a lot by observing Gurjieff at different stages of his journey, and through the different students he had.

If I am not mistaken, the mistake is made early on… in the intention.

I have learned different meditation techniques. What was in common with them is the desire to be free from the thoughts, and the harmful emotions.

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