Updated: This year be your own Valentine

Energetically you show up in the world much like a person who wears several outfits, one on top of the other.

Why would you do that? Because you hope that one of those outfits will make you look good enough and help you make it in the world, also known as survival.

We live in the age of looking good and making it.

Each layer of clothing has a different vibration, an intent to make you look and feel different to different people. Continue reading “Updated: This year be your own Valentine”

What you dish out to others

881847In the “itch that no one can scratch for you”, I introduce a feeling, a way of being, that has been consistently missing from your life. It may be something that you were born with, i.e. it is part of your soulcorrection, or it is something that developed by being mistreated… as far as you are concerned…

Nothing bad or dramatic needed to happen in your childhood, and yet you ended up feeling that way.

Not loved, not being enough, not being valued, not mattering, not being smart enough, fast enough, pretty enough, important enough, and so on and so on.

Every person has some slight. They either blame themselves or they blame others, but the slight is there.

Your whole life, your whole life experience is based on this one missing “thing”, and it weaves through your life like a theme.

My “item”, my itch, is being treated as a human being.
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