You cannot talk butterfly language with caterpillar people

Many of my visitors fancy themselves butterflies…

When I do their Starting Point Measurements they are caterpillars… with a big ego. With a sky high self-image. A delusional Self above the clouds.

This video is about creating high vibration so you can have what you want, not just a big ego:

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Please note that they don’t ask for their vibrational reading because they want to know… no. they already KNOW that they are the special butterfly people… When they get their results, they tell me I was wrong, or a fraud, or evil, or whatever. They post on social media. Create a website just to tell everybody how wrong I am.

The behavior, the attitude always gives your real vibration away. For example vengeance, like the woman with Dean as husband… the vibration of that behavior is 70. Nothing wrong, I used to have an even lower vibration… it is not fixed… you can start where you are.

Why would I recommend against thinking yourself butterfly? What may be wrong with that attitude? Doesn’t it make you happy?

No. Your internal tension is probably unbearable… and it’s killing you. How many ways?

Several ways, in fact.

1. If you think you are on the top of the third floor, for example, you’ll want to go higher, or bask in the glory of being on the third floor.

But every interaction you’ll have will be misdirected. Continue reading “You cannot talk butterfly language with caterpillar people”