The Tangerine Method of Connecting to Source

the tangerine method of connecting to sourceThe Tangerine Method of Connecting To Source

As you can see from the date, this is a really old page… And it is as valid as it was when it was published. I am still using this same exact method to connect, and students that have been with me from the beginning, do the same.

Their vibration is also higher, and their lives work better, and on a higher plane than before. Why? Because connecting to Source… whatever Source is, gives you definite advantages in life. You can muscle test while you are connected to Source. You are in a receptive brain state where understanding, seeing is much easier.

So there you have it… keep on reading the article… here is where the original article begins:

The tangerine method of connecting to Source is deceptively easy. It also boggles the mind that such a simple move could put you into Theta Brain State mode, and on the doorstep of raising your vibration. But it does.

In fact, its simplicity is where its power lies. All great things are easy…

Most people don’t or can’t learn anything that is not simple… and raising the vibration of humanity is the next evolutionary step… and the time has come. Maybe…

Find out what is your vibration now… It may be an important number for you.

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I am an innovator. An innovator improves on ideas already existing, tweaking is the trademark of an innovator.

The Tangerine Method of connecting to Source is not an exception.

A number of years ago I noticed that the piles of books, unread, next to my bed were getting higher. I opted to learn PhotoReading® 1 that promised to reduce the time for an entire business book to an hour or less. Compare that with a week or sometimes a month for me.

The course is 2 days long, and it begins with putting you in a state where your mind is free from distraction, where your mind is able to photograph a page 100 times per second…

And the method was the tangerine method… that is what I have innovated and tweaked so it is now able to do more than intended. 2

You can practice the original Tangerine Method of Connecting to Source (in the footnotes) a few times, and then return here to learn the tweaks to connect to the Divine, or just start here:

  1. Step 1: Practice looking up and looking backwards. That is the key to connecting, because that puts you in theta brainwave state. You should feel a strain in your eye muscles on the side: once you have that feeling, you are connected.
  2. Step 2. Now, put your awareness to the tangerine spot, the underside of your skull towards the back of your head and keep it there. You can have your eyes open or closed, no need to physically look up, you can even walk in this state, after some practice. I can play computer games… lol
  3. Step 3. You’ll notice the world and the noise fading away, and you are by yourself, in silence. You are on the Seventh Plane, no sound, nothing to look at, no spirits, no lights, just you and the presence of Source.

While connected, the stream of light (energy) will begin in 9 seconds. Why 9 seconds? So Source can make it certain that you meant to connect. We all connect accidentally, but don’t stay there long enough…

The light fills your reservoirs

The light fills your reservoirs and gives you energy to make changes in your life, gives your body energy to fight whatever ails it.

This is also the doorway to talking to God. You are now connected. You can hear guidance, you can feel the love, you can awaken the Life-Force within your, your desire. The more you are in this state the more the Life-Force gets stronger. You can’t ask for stuff… that is a whole different modality.

I recommend refilling your reservoirs before asking for guidance. It takes energy, light energy, to correctly interpret any guidance, or act on it.

Practice this, at least a few times a day. Remember, minimum 9 seconds.

Walk around being connected to Source

If you are advanced, you can open your eyes, and even walk with your awareness holding the tangerine. You can do your housework like this. Don’t forget that your awareness is turning backwards and up and kept on the tangerine spot. You can feel the tingling. Your real eyes can be anywhere.

A friend of mine with whom I worked for 16 months on increasing his chiropractic business, suddenly increased his patient load (and his income) by 5-fold after he learned The Tangerine Method of Connecting To Source and was using as a walking/working meditation.

Then he decided that the Tangerine Method had nothing to do with that, and stopped doing it. His practice fell back to almost as deep as it used to be.

You need continuous flow of energy. Just like you need to eat every day….

Learn how to connect, live
every day: short instruction and checking
once a week: the whole story, instruction and checking

Sorry, the only way I teach connecting to Source is in one-on-one sessions… the group sessions are discontinued. for now…

But you can still come to the Theta Brain State training… until I make a good enough video to train people through it.

PhotoReading uses the Theta Brain State to allow consciousness to see the pages that are kept fuzzy to the mind’s eye.

If you want me to measure your vibration, you can send me a donation of $15 or more… To make it easier for me to find you… please include your Facebook address, or a picture… If I can’t find you, I’ll can’t measure your vibration, can I?

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  1. PhotoReading: PhotoReading’s unique way to process and understand large volumes of information quickly and efficiently—without speed reading—wins praise from people wanting to get on top of information. Created by Paul Scheele
  2. Here is the original Tangerine Method:

    This technique will allow you to quickly and easily enter a state of mind associated with enhanced learning. While in this state you will find it easier to concentrate and remain focused, remember more of what you learn, be better at solving problems and able to come up with more creative solutions.

    The Tangerine Technique of connecting to Source

    1. Start by closing your eyes.
    2. Next take a deep breath in, hold it for a few seconds and then slowly let it out. Repeat this slow, deep breath four or five times. Try to make each exhalation slower and deeper than the last. (People are often tempted to skip this step, but it is important as it prepares the mind and body for a change in states)
    3. Hold an imaginary tangerine  in your hand and take a moment to really experience it. Smell it, see the color, feel the weight and the texture. Imagine throwing the tangerine back and forth between your hands.
    4. Now take the tangerine (the tangerine methoda tangerine is a mandarin orange that is oblate, which means it is not round like a regular orange, but flattened both on the top and the bottom.) in your dominant hand and place it on the top back part of your head. Touch that area gently and imagine feeling the tangerine resting there while you bring your arm down and relax your shoulders.
    5. Just let the tangerine balance where you left it, really focus on the feeling of the tangerine resting against your head.
    6. With your eyes still closed, imagine your peripheral vision expanding outwards and your field of vision opening up as a result. Take a moment to notice what has happened to your physical and mental state, you will feel both relaxed and alert.
    7. Maintain the relaxed feeling of alertness as you open your eyes and begin working on whatever it is you have to learn today.

    The tangerine technique of connecting to Source works particularly well when you have lots of material to read, and notes to make. If you take just two to three minutes to use this technique each time when you sit down to learn or study something new, you will soon find entering this peak performance state becomes automatic. Source of the quote