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First off… find out if you have attachments, please…

An attachment is an enslavement device. It can be temporary, I guess, or permanent, but either way, it is used to enslave, manipulate, harvest energy from, or fill with energy from outside, a person.

I don’t know how to create an attachment, though I have been a victim of others’ attachment: I have been put on a flare, a flag, a puppeteering cord, and an energy draining type cord as well. And I am regularly tortured by someone, who according to my theory, uses a voodoo type of proxy to create the connection with me and pin it with nails or pins… nasty.

When I look for attachments, they all feel the same to me: something that doesn’t belong, a foreign object with a sinister purpose.

this is a post I am still working on….
Attachment is quite a good expressions for what it means.

A thoughtform, an energy, anything that can break and penetrate your energy body permanently breaking it through and set roots.

There are, so far, these types of attachments that I have found:

  • soul fragment
  • curse
  • spell
  • guru/healer/influencer attachment
  • twist
  • karma
  • therefore
  • doom
  • soul fragment means: something happened that you denied it, didn’t want to deal with it, or could not deal with it… so you broke it off and casted it away
  • karma attachment: you did something, or you thought you did something, and now you think you need to suffer
  • influencer attachment: someone in authority, mostly parents, say something untrue, binding, and you take it as the truth: you bind yourself to it.
  • guru attachment
  • healer attachment
  • curse is a strong emotional content condemning you to a certain future
  • spell: not sure
  • therefore: this is a course of action or a certain future that YOU decided on as a result of your dominant belief about yourself or the world
  • twist is your dominant belief about yourself or the world
  • doom/anchor to doom: the doom is a future. It is an “always” or a “never” type of future, forever death, always illness, never success, always being abandoned, etc. Your anchor to doom condemns you to repeat actions that actually perpetuate this doom, this future

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