First off… find out if you have attachments, please…

An attachment is an enslavement device. It can be temporary, I guess, or permanent, but either way, it is used to enslave, manipulate, harvest energy from, or fill with energy from outside, a person.

I don’t know how to create an attachment, though I have been a victim of others’ attachment: I have been put on a flare, a flag, a puppeteering cord, and an energy draining type cord as well. And I am regularly tortured by someone, who according to my theory, uses a voodoo type of proxy to create the connection with me and pin it with nails or pins… nasty.

When I look for attachments, they all feel the same to me: something that doesn’t belong, a foreign object with a sinister purpose.

this is a post I am still working on….
Attachment is quite a good expressions for what it means.

A thoughtform, an energy, anything that can break and penetrate your energy body permanently breaking it through and set roots.

There are, so far, these types of attachments that I have found:

  • soul fragment
  • curse
  • spell
  • guru/healer/influencer attachment
  • twist
  • karma
  • therefore
  • doom
  • soul fragment means: something happened that you denied it, didn’t want to deal with it, or could not deal with it… so you broke it off and casted it away
  • karma attachment: you did something, or you thought you did something, and now you think you need to suffer
  • influencer attachment: someone in authority, mostly parents, say something untrue, binding, and you take it as the truth: you bind yourself to it.
  • guru attachment
  • healer attachment
  • curse is a strong emotional content condemning you to a certain future
  • spell: not sure
  • therefore: this is a course of action or a certain future that YOU decided on as a result of your dominant belief about yourself or the world
  • twist is your dominant belief about yourself or the world
  • doom/anchor to doom: the doom is a future. It is an “always” or a “never” type of future, forever death, always illness, never success, always being abandoned, etc. Your anchor to doom condemns you to repeat actions that actually perpetuate this doom, this future

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Attachments”

  1. I am looking to move forward with donating to see how many attachments I may have and then moving forward with you to help facilitate removal. My question is in regard to requesting you to check to see if others that may have attachments that should be removed. Specifically a partner. In my stomach I believe his attachments are affecting me. Still learning about these things. I think you for your time and energy put in to answering my question.

  2. checking vibration, checking attachments requires the agreement of the person, at least the agreement of their higher self. For the most part it is not forthcoming.

    Last week I did a bunch of these “somebody asked me and paid for the removal of these attachments” type of “jobs” and it almost killed me. So I am reluctant to say yes.

    What there is to do is have yours checked and removed. If the partner’s attachments, or the partner’s actions do something to you, I will see it while I am working on you.

    You want to consider that the reason you “shacked up” with this person because there is some benefit for you: like “I won’t call you on it if you don’t call me on it…” type.

    I have a client who surrounds herself with people who serve one purpose: so she can be superior.

  3. Hi Sophie,

    Thank you. I completely understand, and after reading your response, feel like I knew and understood the answer to my question before asking it. The latter part of your response is something I with would like to sit and explore. Thank you again.

  4. Thank you for this post. I have experienced these attachments and have never had anyone else define them for me. I’ve experienced cutting the attachments and getting my energy back. Really powerful stuff. It’s reassuring to know someone else has experienced this. It’s good to have my experience validated.

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