turning point

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a turning point is a line of demarcation. We talk, in the future, about times before and after the turning point. For example Christianity was the turning point in violence, murder, occupation and oppression in the name of a religion… before Jesus there was none, after Jesus, this is what defined Western history.

All religions that came after Christianity adopted the mindset of intolerance and killing in the name of a religious ideal… example to that is Islam.

At the turning point life is heading in a particular direction. A power strong enough to cause a turning point alters that direction.

In stock markets, this turning point is mostly manipulative: someone wants to earn illegal profits. Other times the illegal profit motive is revealed (fraud) and that causes a turning point.

Most turning point, seems to be a matter of encountering them, or discovery. Others are created by manipulating people and data.

We teach the turning points in this program that uses the power of your word, commitment, and integrity: honoring your word as yourself. These are personal turning points, the most important of all turning points.

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