Many thumbs up

General Guidance

After our talk today, I felt completely different.. it is great, just amazing. The heavyness in my legs is gone..I noticed it right away when i first walked after .

And im watching that im present with what im doing.. without efforting.. the efforting thing is huge for me .. so when I feel it , i give myself guidance, there is no hurry on the creative plane .. and then i say thank you , like I would if someone had said it for me. It feels great.
I use so much energy efforting in a normal day it’s incredible. Im very excited and happy about this, the things i now can do instead.
Matt, Canada

Health Consulting

Thanks for your help you really are the real deal in a world where there are a lot of not so skilled or honest people offering their help

New Zealand

67 step coaching

I’m so glad I’m your student, Sophie, and that we’re doing this program. I feel like your coaching and the 67 steps are real education for me, education that I never got. Expanding my vision, starting to see more, and more broadly… This is going to constitute a foundation for the rest of my life. So that when I jump into it, I’m prepared.


Dear Sophie:
The Emotional Shock Absorbers audio worked “AWESOME ” on me yesterday.
I couldn’t believe it!
I don’t have words to say how thankful I am. Thank you for your knowledge and thanks for sharing, thank you for your help!!!


My Secret Weapon, the Big Bundle

Hello, Sophie:

I wanted to let you know that I have had an improvement in my foot health when playing your ‘big bundle‘ audio.

I have a hammertoe, and standing and walking were agony because the muscle under the toe was weak. I had to wear a combination of little rubber arches to help support the toe.

In several months of listening to the Big Bundle before bedtime, my feet have changed and improved. Two days ago I noticed I have not worn the arches, and I kept them off all day today without pain.

I was so worried my feet were in decline, and it means so much to walk more comfortably for the first time in years.

So deeply appreciative of your creation of this amazing, healing audio.

Thank you, Dorothy

Water Energizer, Effortless Abundance, and Big Bundle

Oh wow it’s true, the texture of the water changes a lot! It’s much easier to drink and it feels more nourishing, I can’t wait to see the results after a couple more days.

I just realized I’m playing a volleyball tournament this Saturday. Tournaments are exhausting cause we play all day long and no matter how much water I drink, my body always shows signs of dehydration during the last few matches making much much harder to play (my team mates feel the same way) and despite what they say, products like Gatorade do not help! I’m both excited and curious to find out how much this water is going to help not only in this tournament but with sports performance in general since I play 3 to 4 times a week.

As for the audios, I listened to the effortless abundance audio most of the day today (in the background as you suggested) and did one session with the bundle audio. I felt energized all day, I cleaned and organized my whole apartment, did things I had been avoiding for months haha only had 1 cup of coffee! I’m actually scared I won’t be able to sleep ? and the best one…. my body is not tired nor sore from my training last night, I train advanced level volleyball every Wed and I always feel it on Thursdays, specially on my legs but today I feel nothing. Now that I’m writing this I realise when I did the bundle session this morning, I felt the energy on my legs more than anywhere else, as you said, the energy is intelligent.

Anyway, enough with the writing!

Thanks Sophie! Have a lovely week xoxo

Effortless Abundance

I wanted to let you know that I received the Effortless Abundance Activator bottle yesterday and started using it immediately. I could tell the difference with in an hour. I’ve also started being more mindful of being generous and appreciative for my Building Bridges Soul Correction. I also started eating according to my Blood Type (O) on Monday. Thank you so much for your help, products, and advice. I’m looking forward to improving my vibration much more.

Thank You,

Spiritual Capacity activation

Hi Sophie

I just wanted to say thank you for the soul capacity activation. I don’t know whether or not you will have the time to read the rest of the paragraph below, but it is there should you wish too.

I just felt compelled to share with you some interesting developments since you activated some soul capacities for me last week. I have a feeling that you did this work while I was asleep (in my time zone) because the next morning I woke up feeling really exhausted and had to drag myself out of bed. However, I somehow “knew” that something was different inside in a good way.

Since then, I have been having many insights as to what my next steps should be and I have been planning as to how to go about them with as much presence and insight so that I can get a lot more out of it. I also feel more supported inside of myself, and a I feel a better level of trust in the Universe/”God”/Creator than before.

I lost my faith and trust in “God” for a few years now…so to suddenly feel trust again is amazing. It is a different feeling of trust though, not as religions make it out to be and which is hard for me to explain right now because I think that the activated capacities are still doing something (developing?).

I realized that so much of my life is being lived from a context that was born in my childhood…which I have to now restructure so that I live in a bigger and wider context (that is not so fear-based as the context that I currently have). Having said that though, I have looked at the childhood superheroes that I admired (and still admire and enjoy today!) and I have begun to use some of these as archetypes to give the Universe a “face” to interact with. In this way, I no longer feel obligated to pray like my cultural traditions expect me too…

I have been able to loosen the grip of anger and guilt that was there since I stopped following many of the religious customs and practices for nearly a year now. After the soul capacity activation’s, I still get to feel humbled and connected to the what is bigger than me…but without the song and dance that normally goes with it. So freeing!

My inner guidance suggests that I do seek out some coaching from you at some point, which I will do once I save up enough again like I did for the soul capacity activation’s. All-in-all though, I really appreciate this work (which reminds me…I am also suddenly feeling more grateful for things in my life lol!) and what it seems to be doing inside, even without me consciously doing things at times.

I now started to ask myself how what is happening (and not-happening…which is a bit harder to do for me) serves my soul correction – I felt that this was where I needed to start.
So thank you again!


Hi Sophie,

I would say in answer to your question, Enjoyment is not the word I would use in my experience uncomfortable is closer, this I see is the reason to be here to be challenged by a coach I trust
To get to the stuff that I don’t see is holding me back. you are relentless Sophie and amazing
In this.

The benefit of having a coach with a higher vibration is invaluable you see everything from all angles and still have compassion, Yes, your teaching and products have made a difference. I am a completely different person today than I was when I stumbled on your site I use the tools I learnt from you daily you have turned my life around and continue to do so It’s been bumpy but today I am in such a different place I hardly recognise myself.

Thank you
Sophie for asking
Best Regards

Accuracy of diagnosis

Hi Sophie

Many thanks for that, the areas you mentioned ie the chest and the head is where I have a lot of physical discomfort. Ever since I’ve become aware of energy and released, I feel the sensations, tightness in my chest heart area some days its so Strong that I cannot run due to the tightness which affects my breathing.

When you mention trust ie not trusting anybody that is quite accurate. For me during most decisions i hear the opposite so something within my unconscious says something else. Decisions are never straightforward for me. Always hear two bells ringing.

I like what you say about action as I am a procrastination sufferer so just getting on and doing it without thinking this feels so right to me now.

I’ll keep you updated on how I get along.

Thanks again…

Attachment Removal

First off, thank you so very much. I can breathe… I don’t get sick and sad now like I did before from a “negative” situation.

I can move again!!!! My shoulder… it has been bothering me for so long! My wife, and 3 boys… I understand that you may be very busy at times, but perhaps may have some time to test my family and these people. When the time is right, and if you are feeling it, may this be done? Is there anything that I can do to help you, and is there anything I can do to help you help myself and others. My gratitude is with you forever, I feel it!


Hi Sophie,

I hope this finds you well and your recent visit from your unwelcome guests (mites) is in retreat.

Recently something has happened while I was not looking, the underlying misery I have had for most of my living memory seems to have moved over, I am getting things done without having to make excuses to my- self not to do them, I am enjoying food more, which is interesting and all together feel more content with myself, not jerked around which is my usual state.

I put this down to Your remedies, your teaching, your articles, the bug book which I am still reading, I seem to be guided to read it in small chunks sometimes more than a week apart but then it speaks and go no further. I feel a pleasure in being alive less pretense.

A big fat! thank you for you, T

Really old testimonials, before I knew what to do… lol
Kindergarten teacher Down Under: (testimonial paraphrased)

She traveled halfway around the world to get away from her family. When her sister died she was fretting but traveled home and spent a surprisingly pleasant two weeks there. She found herself not reacting the same way she did every time she had visited home before. She could just let go the jabs at her, and she didn’t just survive the visit, she actually felt proud of the new non-reactive herself.

She used to come to my Energy Healing calls with incredible shoulder and upper arm tightness. Through learning that that is how she resists life, and the audio programs, she has no pain and tightness… she is ready to tackle the deeper issues and she is. She is in an intensive program with me right now.

European grandmother (testimonial paraphrased)

She was searching for The Healing Codes and that’s how she found my site. She started with my connection and self healing. Her vibration rose from 190 to 370. Her whole life changed.

She was slow, painfully slow to respond on the calls. Her emotions were resistance and extreme fear. “No matter what I do…” She is not slow any more, and the resistance completely disappeared, and the fear and trepidation seem to last seconds instead of being continuously there.

Beautiful mother of two (testimonial paraphrased)

Her vibration went from 170 to 270. It is like growing another ten billion brain cells, two arms and getting a face lift…

She used to have horrible and constant ear ache, a buzz in the ear, and a lethargy that effected her relationships and work. Through insights she gained, and courage she got from the programs she is now virtually symptom free.

She had enough

She came to my programs smart and courageous on the surface, but aching and eating away on herself inside. She lived in a marriage that didn’t work, and she was not living a life she loved. Through the programs and the Avatar State audios she gathered the courage to face her issues and to terminate the marriage that wasn’t working for anyone involved. She is handling the transition well.

Tall, blonde, and beautiful but unhappy (testimonial paraphrased)

She used to hate to leave the house: she was so opinionated and so judgmental of everyone, that it hurt. All her relationship were she disseminating wisdom, she never shut her mouth, and then she loathed herself. She was argumentative, angry, harsh, and lazy. Through the programs, and especially the Avatar State audios she is now an enjoyable person to have around, she is starting to do things for herself, and build a life where it is not just talk but actual accomplishments. Her children are sleeping through the nights, no more nightmares.

There are more, many more. Let’s summarize though

what are the predictable outcomes of my programs and audios:

  1. Your resistance to others, to life, to working, to others’ opinions lessens or disappears
  2. You start to tackle issues that were swept under the rug, have been festering, or ignored at the expense of your emotional or physical well-being.
  3. You start to peel of the persona that you created to protect yourself, and start becoming the person you really are. Beautiful, strong, vulnerable, talented, smart. It’s been all covered up.
  4. Things you were sure about, all the negative expectations prove to be fabrications. You find this out through attempting to do impossible things and to your surprise your expectations were wrong.

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  1. Disclaimer: Because of the nature of the programs, it is not fair to disclose the names or even the whereabouts of the participants. All these case studies and testimonials came from email correspondence with me, or recorded audio conversations, so you can check their veracity: