Dawkins in Lynchburg VA (part 2) The God Delusion

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PART 2: Richard Dawkins reads excerpts from The God Delusion and answers questions at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in Lynchburg, Virginia on October 23, 2006. This Q&A features many questions from Jerry Falwell’s Liberty “University” students.


kyeYuri says:

Great surveillance camera in the sky….rofl!

thaer12345 says:

14:52 since what? I don’t get it

Em183 says:

I like how some of them think they’re asking something profound like he’s never considered the question before. Do they think they’ve got him cornered or something.XD 0:39:00

manskdsheiejsjhseffh says:


raibcmusic says:

Their questions might seem stupid to you, but they’re still legitimate questions that the secular must answer, and Professor Dawkins is right to treat them seriously.

GloriousDawnAwaits says:

Dear Religion, This week I safely dropped a man from space while you shot a child in the head for wanting to go to school.
yours, Science

chuckbuk9 says:

for a college these ppl ask some stupid questions

tisbtony says:


Adamantium9001 says:

The geological time = an arm’s length analogy gave me chills. All of recorded history in the dust from one stroke of a nail file…wow.

luderudecrude says:

Insert appropriate misogynistic joke here

minakononatuhakoreka says:


minakononatuhakoreka says:


Sunderbunny says:

whats up with all the men who talk at the women’s college

JulkerReviews says:

we can view evolution, god, he is playing the best game of hide and seek ever.

JulkerReviews says:

actually the flu is evolving al the time because we always need to get shots to fight strains our bodies can’t fight against. The antibiotics kill the flu but a small portion of it that isn’t affected eventually get stronger and the whole process starts again.

Kingdomhearts143134 says:

Blind faith is a ironic gift to give to the creator of Intelligent design

Kingdomhearts143134 says:

Evolution has a million times more proof than creationism

Here0s0Johnny says:

genetics: we can sequence (‘read’ the base sequence) the genome of various animal species and see how similar the species are. if evolution is true, the genome of closely related species (e.g. humans and chimps) should be similar. with this information, a “family tree” can be created.
if old earth creationism were true, why would it be like this? god would be deceitful to make it like this…

taylorbrontario says:


taylorbrontario says:

Were you there when God created Earth?

taylorbrontario says:

His Holy Claus!

cabot2jville2010 says:

paused it 1/4th through and picked it up the next day after classes!

cabot2jville2010 says:

it’s happening right now and has happened, so yeah it’s pretty much proven fact.

waketheoblivious says:

An Inability To Understand, A Sworn Oath to God & Country, Does Not Disarm Or Deter The Lethal Duty To Defend God’s US Constitution. You Who Attack God, Who Attack Countries & Who Attack Humanity, You Are The Enemy. Enemies Of God, Are Enemies Of Those Sworn To Protect God, Country, Constitution & Humanity. All Men Are Created Equal, With Certain Inalienable Rights, Endowed By Our Creator. As Goes God, So Goes Freedom, Liberty & Justice For All. Atheist/Satanists = ENEMY TERRORISTS

Anon Hancock says:

Dawkins: Come at me bros

reirkonohanashidanen says:

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TenPintsa6X says:

MWAH! x x x x

TenPintsa6X says:

showsh ovr im in kitschun making weed donutsh…. av sum ten get pished ..ur my lil mayte…hic….r dawkinsh needsh 2 getch pishedan layd mor….hic….and allthoshe dykesh at lyn….bin….dinchburgg al dykesh need me 2 fuck em….ur my lil mayte u ar….hic….

00Muzzles00 says:

dafuq did i just read

BoxcarJay123 says:

He looks great in a one piece too!

TruthBuser says:

HAHA Hey there MONKEYS! HAHA here’s a BANANA for you so EAT your Great Great Grandpa! Here’s the proof from the MONKEY’s own mouth: Charles Darwin ‘Origin of Species’:”It is a truly wonderful fact the wonder of which we are apt to overlook with familiarity that all animals and all plants throughout all time and space should be related to each other”. Hehe so EAT your Great Great Grandpa BANANA Charles Darwin!

jumideuster says:

I completely agree with everything Dawkins says but what the hell is wrong with the audience? They sound as if they have 20 years of religious repression on their heads and try to let it out whenever possible.

obiwanobiwan13 says:

I call opening the First Church of Captain Jean-Luc Picard!

For Earl Grey tea…
For Shakespeare…
For his miraculous conviction that THERE! ARE! FOUR! LIGHTS!

…And because I’ll tale Jean-Luc over Jesus any day as a fictional character to start a church on…I mean, Picard not only was a brave fictional character…

He did it all BALD! Jesus needed hair, Picard could win with a cue-ball head!

So, all rise…and Make It So! 😉 (Oh, and Dawkins/Hitchens/Harris FTW.) 🙂

StrangeCognitivism says:

“I’m glad I have some effect” HA!!!! Owned right of the bat!

wowamonn says:

This is what an ACTUAL Professor sounds like Liberty students.

powabiatch says:

Why is it so hard for these people to ask straightforward questions?

tinyhousewife says:

What the heck of a university is this with so many religious people!?

TenPintsa6X says:

the univershe was creacthed outta…hic….nuthin twelff trillyon trillionsh yeresh ago and im archagil gabril…hic…and dohctor whoo ash well and i wanns poke mishish dawkinsh…and be a schyberman

Keyser Soze says:

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has already been founded some years ago ;););)

Krauz Dawkins says:

I love this. Richard knocks every single person with questions down. Line em up boys!

Krauz Dawkins says:

You just described yourself. Well done.

62331023 says:

What da fuck do you smoke I want it too.

trevor clever says:

i’m glad neuro physiologists are working on this stuff, yeah!

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