The Science of Spirituality, Part 1.

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Bill Harris has been involved in personal development or nearly 40 years as a seeker, teacher, public speaker, author, musician, composer, therapist, worksho…


Brian Dunne says:

i some one could balance both sides of the brain through energy Healing.. Would you want to know? would you try?

Paul Vavken says:

You heave to say more and talk less. (condense it)

leighatkins22 says:

‘Nature’ is traditionally meant to infer the living matter upon the planet earth & yes, we have the power to destroy every living organism, even in the dirt, several times over (humans are idiots). If you use the word ‘nature’ but mean the ‘universe’, then use ‘universe’ because the earth & all in it is part of the universe & the grand design which fashioned the planet, it’s contents & every other creation out there too. That is limitless to our understanding & definitely spiritually inspiring.

Kevin Gomez says:

Your definition of nature is far more limited than mine is.

leighatkins22 says:

Upon what do you base this observation of ‘bullshit’? All those people can’t be all wrong & he may not b entirely right but I understand bits of what he says to b entirely truthful according to my own experience. Maybe that’s the problem, ur still 2 young & havn’t gained enuff experience 2 compare with what he’s saying. I know he’s doing something right coz his discs gave me an escape from a bad 15 year depression which I’d given up on leaving behind. But what would a kid know about that huh?

leighatkins22 says:

I’m not sure Nature makes a terribly good ‘god’ coz humans have the power to destroy it. That means that ur more powerful than ur god & I’ve never seen a religion where the worshipper is ‘greater’ than the revered diety. There’s no doubt we can’t exist without it, but ‘God’! As for science, that’s been described as the practice of observation. In fact, science cannot exist without the existence of the observer. That means your god doesn’t exist without you. If u need a god, make it all powerful.


Water…”water structuring”

k0smon says:


dnv83 says:

This is exactly what most of the Indian spiritual gurus like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sadhguru, Ramana Maharishi, Sri Vivekananda, Sri Rama Krishna Paramahansa , Sai Baba and the list goes on, have been preaching since years . The Vedas,Upanishads and many other Hindu and Buddhist manuscripts and timeless teachings exactly teach this.

NanoAsh1987 says:

Bill Harris…….another raging lunatic brainwashing the public into believing in bullshit……unfortunately he seems to have people eating out of his hands…..there is no hope for humanity

Kevin Gomez says:

Yeah thats what I meant.

thebudkellyfiles says:

Brother, don’t forget that you yourself are part of Nature.

Eric Thompson says:

Good job.

docrock80 says:

The science for much of this is legitimate, real peer-reviewed empirical findings. Seeing reality in different ways by altering your consiousness is a real phenomena and is just as fascinating and strange as what comes out of the other areas it probes.

Loren Davis says:

might be interesting if I could hear it

ksjoris01 says:

bill harris…a man of great wisdom

gezkah says:

Thankyou. Very clear and helpful. Fantastic vid:)

QuestionsAThousand says:

I’m not talking about the science.. im talking about the statement YOU made: “They choose before they came here to live where they live…”
How do you kno if THAT’S true? science hasnt provided info on such a thing. So where is ur science that says we choose what are lives are before we get “here”(earth)?

keYshA0GrEeeNnnn93 says:

Many areas of research has proven it true. New Age Science, science is taking a real look at science without a doubt cannot say that there is not divine intelligence behind creation. Youtuve DNA Mitosis, DNA Restructure, and DNA Protien. Open your mind, and simply observe.

QuestionsAThousand says:

but how do u know that your theory true? SUre its noce to believe in something, but you really dont know that it’s true

keYshA0GrEeeNnnn93 says:

They chose before they came here to live where they live and possibly to experience what they are experiencing… People are gullible only because they feel they are victims to a greater force… Get informed, wake up.

Kevin Gomez says:

I love science, I love my spirituality of science. Science is my religion. The root to it all (Nature) Is my God.

avp715 says:

god i fucking hate these bullshitters who claim that their brand of bullshit is actually scientific… dumb people seem to just eat it up! they can’t tell the difference between bullshit that makes no sense to them and real science that also makes no sense to them

QuestionsAThousand says:

There is not just right or wrong, because things that are right, can also be wrong. Dualistic thinking has put a supression on the cognitive boundaries of many. Just because the mystics support dualism, does not me we have to. Cant you already see that dualistic idealism has already been pushed down upon the mass for years now.Dualism is not anything fancy or new, but it is supressive and thought draining.

QuestionsAThousand says:

A dualistic world? If anything THIS dualistic paradigm is what is causing the problem in the west. Good and evil are not dualistic ideas. Evil is just a measure of good, just as cold is just a measure of HEAT. THere is not just “two” sides of the brain, where the brain is broken down into SEVERAL sections. There is not just up and down, there’s also side to side, in the middle, north east, 5 o clock,11:00.

QuestionsAThousand says:

Just because you feel that phenomona, does not mean it is true. I’m sure those in Somali who are caught in the middle of war do not feel one with anything

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