Nibiru DECODED The Return of God’s Planet (Part 1)

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Kris Wilson says:

Oh God what a crock of shit, weak minded fools!

Neil Martin says:

Yeah.. but they have been saying that every decade for 2500 years and nothing….. ever happens, except embarrassment and a recalculation of dates. How many end of the worlds has there been now?

Neil Martin says:

Yeah.. but they have been saying that every decade for 2500 years and nothing….. ever happens, except embarrassment and a recalculation of dates.  How many end of the worlds has there been now?

Mukila Balogun says:

earth has 10 heavens/ascention points and only 1 is the gate way to the gods… only 1 is the earthly rep of the 3rd eye of this planet…. coz only when your eye is one will your body fill with light.. the 3rd eye is the only light the body has and is the second beast in revelation.. the first beast is the reptilian brain… now to crack gods code to save self find true israel find the true egypt upper white sands… find true atlantis… then you will find the true chosen of god

Mukila Balogun says:

its our sun.. saturn was the sun till the christ/nabiru/red kachena/purifier… all the same thing.. and for 13000 years or more the sun have been evolving the human into a soul. first came the moon blue kachena then came the sun… you lot are way behind and coz your waiting for end times to knock your door before you see end times came ages ago we are coming to the moment god takes the elect and only 1 place on earth is getting took the rest will die and if you dont know true israel ya wounded

davidcarson1959 says:

Fuckin idiot.

davidcarson1959 says:

Bullshit. Disgusting. Stop it fool.

TribeoftheDan says:

Errrr more like God’s “Kingdom in Heaven” comes from Nibiru buddy

13coolcat1 says:

Angels Doesn’t Eat a THING Or Drink water

uhadme says:

if i want to read i watch video?

Ahmed Dip says:

Wow this is also a very good video since you are putting the Bible in a different point of view….Nice Work man!!!

Robert Wilson says:

I cant wait to go home

Marie Hunter says:

The amount of non believers and that ratio is proof in itself. Sorry for those who will be left behind. It hurts my heart. Even people that I love.

Marie Hunter says:

We’ll see yho the idiots are soon enough. I really wish none of us had to be idiots. But there’s only room for so many.

Marie Hunter says:

You are the most correct. These things are only clear to the people they are supposed to be clear to. Feel good to know you have this knowledge. Its not because you’re smart, its because you’re blessed. Remember only 144, 000 people are leaving with the kingdom, then realize the ratio between the believers and non believers. 144, 000 to 6 billion. Sound about right to me. The less people who believe and see the better of a chance we have my friend. See you up there. ;-) xoxo

rhythmdrain says:

You are an idiot.

ConstitutionGal51 says:

“Sun Day” worship came about when the first Popes took upon themselves as “god on earth” and gave themselves the authority to change the Sabbath to “Sun Day” worship whereby the mixing of the gospel of the Savior they’d been taught in with their old ways of Apollo worship (Mithra and other names). That is the very Nicolaitans mentioned in Revelation which thing Elohim states He HATES! Any questions about that see Ezekiel 8 whereby the sun god Rah is directly mentioned as I believe Tamuz

ConstitutionGal51 says:

first off, it’s not the “sun of righteousness” but rather the “Son of Righteousness” and if you’re uneducated about when sun god worship came into the picture let me help you out just a bit and you can research from there if you want to know. Nimrod, that mighty warrior mentioned in the Bible that went on to lead in the building of the Tower of Babel and then the people were dispursed from there whereby they ALL took that trinity sun god worship to their prospective new lands w/ new languages

realmceo says:

…my problem with what I watched (couldn’t take much), is the referencing of god. Are you saying, the Sumerians thought this alien being was god. Or, the God spiritual, can’t see, dude from the Christian bible is god on this planet?

SuperCosmicLove says:

I agree with all stuff said in the video………but we need updates about Nemesis/Nibiru system, until the grid falls down

Jim Myers says:

Most. Ridiculous. Post. Ever.

Susan Smith says:

Luke 21 : 25 25 “There will be signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars, and on the earth distress among nations confused by the roaring of the sea and the waves. 26 People will faint from fear and foreboding of what is coming upon the world, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. 27 Then they will see “the Son of Man coming in a cloud’ with power and great glory. 28 Now when these things begin to take place, stand up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.

xs4eyes13 says:

very well put together. i have often speculated that the sumerian ‘gods’, the greek & roman ‘gods’, & the various south american ‘gods’ were all of the same species of ‘angel’ or e.t. i think nibiru is something real, but if we look at the sumerian time table it’ll be more like 2160 when it passes next, but we cant be sure.

Stephen Bachman says:

I would guess if your investigation is 100% accurate there refreing to a moon or planet chances are its our moon and they died. Two the orbit had them pass once and they will never return. Three they will return on there orbit but are either dead different or something else entirely.



jamiewhittaker1981 says:

Obvious thing for me is, God and Jesus don’t “FALL” out of anywhere, they fly. “falling” is the term used when describing someone getting kicked down or out.

jamiewhittaker1981 says:

I think were being conditioned through Movies, TV, Art, Poetry, social media, news, etc. The people running the world are following a satanic agenda and they are trying to condition us with similar views as the ones you hold. Ezekiel’s wheel within a wheel. Ya entering other dimensions artificially is not the way to past the test, or get back to the new heaven, New Jerusalem, it’s almost done. They tried that crap with the Movie “Contact”.

jamiewhittaker1981 says:

I think Rev Chapter 9 is talking about Lucifer and fallen angles They were kicked out 1st heaven (diff dimension, no time), to the earthly heaven, till the end of the game. The mark on the forehead is the mark of the beast, which is the RFID chip. Vs 4 says the only people he can hurt are the one’s that take the mark! People with the mark will try suicide but it won’t work. Many people support this view as well there is evidence. If were right you could be steering people to Lucifer.

allornothing0110 says:

Its crazy how people snap at those of us who try to follow the ways of the bible and realize before we criticize that god is the only way to love…. Perhaps youre right…maybe there is no god maybe the bible was man written and corrupted and blah,..but at least the faith in him has many of us doing the good youre not doing….instead youre sitting there trying to proof we are wrong…but what are you really doing that is helpful or beneficent for the rest of us?…exactly think twice critics

gary mccallum says:

I think he is way off in his assumption of the nephilim and their god hood or being an angle , God flooded the earth to get rid of the nephilim and all the people that had were no longer pure meaning everyones DNA was corrupted with nephilim DNA witht he exception of OF Noah’s family.. That is why God Spared Noah’s family from the flood…. read your bible..

John jon says:

Yeah right….and have Fox news as its major source of news information. What a bunch of bunk !

Yelisa van der Bij says:


amd03288 says:

It’s already done. Look for it on my channel.

amd03288 says:

Thanks for sharing your opinion on this channel.

amd03288 says:

They’ve been covering something in the skies for a while now.

amd03288 says:

Wasn’t the ark of the covenant using some kind of divine technology? I think God does use technology so why not a ship?

amd03288 says:

The Bible does mention wormwood. What would you say about Ezekiel’s wheel within a wheel?

amd03288 says:

I didn’t say he lives on a planet. I said perhaps Nibiru is a ship from heaven that God will use at the endtimes.

tripphood says:

God doesn’t live on a planet. He is on The Throne in Heaven and Jesus is seated at His right hand!

tripphood says:

God is omnipresent, He is everywhere. His spirit resides in us. We live in a fallen world. Jesus is our Redeemer. I think the author of this video is a little off. You need to read the Bible.

jamiewhittaker1981 says:

This trick of giving man technology, power, promises of immortality through knowledge and tech, works every time, every great power has fallen, Absolute power, corrupts absolutely, Satan will work any plan if it includes you soul, the best thief’s always show up as a nice guy trying to help!!

jamiewhittaker1981 says:

Con’t, The only way to put an end to evil is to separate from it. Which can’t be done till the great game of life, a battle for soul’s, between God and Lucifer, is over (Bible Prophecy says 90 years after the creation of the State of Israel, so approx 25 years). When Jesus show’s up to bring his children home he will be flying without technology, Ascension to Heaven will be done the same way. Bible talks about false Gods and Prophets before Jesus shows up. I believe this is the case with Nibiru.

jamiewhittaker1981 says:

I think this is Satan’s Final deception, If they show up on a ship claiming to take you Heaven, i believe the opposite is the case. I think these angles you describe are the fallen ones. There will be the bad ones and ones claiming to be good, that will fight off this enemy, come in the name of peace, just like obama the anti-christ. Oldest trick, create a problem, “save the day” but taking what they want is always part of the solution. Would God and Jesus need a ship or a Planet to help? No

Michael Coop says:

The chinese just saw a second plantet to the southwest so niburu or gods plantet is true we spray it why i dont know its no big secret

Tzstep says:

oh, nice and condescending. Your Christianity is beginning to show! Won’t you feel like a real boob if the Mormons or Tom Cruise got it right!
You folks are good for a chuckle.

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