Doubing Your Brain Power (Part 4 of 4) – The Super Consciousness

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Master Your Mind, Master Your Life! Have you ever had difficulty sleeping? Is it hard for you to relax? Does it feel like…


Bill Williams says:

Learn to spell and read what you typed,also keep a dictionary handy. Once you tell yourself what you want and expect the thought will re-enter your mind . This really works.

Bill Williams says:

Very nice and especially accurate.

tingyujackie says:

I did achieve superconsciousness but i lost it the next Wat shld i do thn?

mattsingh87 says:

Sometime going back to these video can motivate you and get you up off your seat and start your goal….Love it

MsCasati says:

i’m not a christian but.. i don’t see the satanism in creating your own reality with the will of goodness. it all boils down to your intention. if your intention is bad, it will be reflected to you. if it’s good, it will be reflected to you. you get what you believe in. where is the contradiction in this? there is no contradiction in the fact that we are an expansion of source energy on this earth. we are here to expand, not to just be there becuz someone wants us to, for no valid reason.

leslievingerhoets says:

You’re so right. Amazing explanation and lovely stories.

Timothy Plumb says:

May Sound Odd, Howerver a few years ago i used this exact formula,not know that it was all conneced to the supercauncious at the time.I was in search of 4 leaf clover.When I envisioned there was one there and belived it…there would be a 4 leaf clover.I found 27 in one day doing this.I dunno what the world record is for finding 4 leaf clovers in one these were found all over, completely different areas.
Just gotta figure out how to do that with 100& bills…lol

BestBloggingPlatform says:

We are indeed in control of our mind and life because I have used the super mind myself:-)

Pratik Rathod says:

before 4

Marcello Clemente says:

have time to research it.. is what i meant to say

Marcello Clemente says:

scientific experiments.. if you dont have time to do this. then observe ur thoughts and your reality. or simply try it, then come to ur own conclusion

Marcello Clemente says:

faith isnt a fact lol

Marcello Clemente says:

This religious thing is very contradicting, if creating ur own reality and being a god is satanism.. but the bible says you can do it. And its become a science that you can affect your reality by thoughts.. . ok im gonna shut up right now before i get hate mails

herculesAML says:

This is from the audio program “Psychology of Achievement” by Brian Tracy.

Nexus Clan says:

This is describing the law of attraction look it up but the best description will be at

brunokike8 says:

i havent graduated high school im a drop out. but help friends in college with their projects. ideas just pop out. i like it. i enrolled in college actually im taking assesments today. i know i will benifit as well as other people. these videos are nice.

Gladys O'Dowd says:


Mohamed Ali says:

I want to believe this, but what factual proof do you have of this?

Redactie Junior-Journaal says:


diz3jairdiz3 says:


OreoChameleon says:

yes write a book !!! please

Paulo Sao says:

This Was Great !

Stun4 says:

You should write a book.

zack zac says:

yup 100% true.

Liora L says:

There is nothing holy about man made organized religions, including Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. They all have the same foundation and believe in the same God and have the same ending (for the most part). They just have slightly different ideas on how we will get there. They are all crap.

Arif Uysal says:

yes, there is

bebopblues says:

there nothing holy about the quran

iichingg says:

i believe its outside of the brain and body,something more,something far greater.

Instruktoror says:

where “the universe that grants your wishes” is actually your own brain pushing you to achieve whatever you want.

iichingg says:


Iuliu s says:

episode 2 explenaiton of moral , your yes to be yes and no to be no , yes he meant the first thing that you chose in your mind ,your idee the first one not the second ,like i see an idee of mee going to drink some water ,i say it out loud ,and do it after i sayd it ,and even if i have too go to the store to drink it i msut goo and doo it thah is moral , if you do thsy and train your mind will be blown of what you will remeber and whene you remeber yo uwill see thah its clear from subconciosmind

Iuliu s says:

yes intresting but i got a beter way of using thys thechnich and its free and easy you just have to d osomthing thah will totalyy change your life a small thing will haev a big efect on you i noticet becas i did it .an thah thing is be moral what does thah mean ? moral ? it gous liek this what JESUS sayd your yes to be yes and no to be no simple efectiv smart easy try it ,explenaition to moral if yo udont know stai tune episode 2 coming up.

bohmaniac says:

Great videos, thank you!

Eric Schroeder says:

this is marvelous

Francis Furtak says:

Great information Thanks again!

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