Coaching and Consulting

sophieI am sometimes available for coaching and consulting in the areas of attitudes, as applies in business, health, relationship, and personal growth.

Your attitude is the most important thing, and it is completely under your control. You can't control what others do, you can't control what you think, what you feel, but you can control your attitude.

Of course, my energy remedies are a great help in that: creating an attitude requires you to slow down long enough so we can get some work done...

If you are in need of consulting i.e. diagnosis, please contact me by email, and we'll see if I am able to help you in your specific problem.

My hourly rate is $250 for diagnostic consulting. This can diagnose your health, your soul correction issues, and your issues in finally raising your vibration in earnest.

For one-on-one coaching this point there is a waiting list: I can only do a small number of coaching sessions a week to preserve my health... because I am an empath, each session is an hour in hell for me.

You can consider joining one of my group coaching programs for a much lower investment. But please be clear: all my programs have a minimum requirement.

One on one in writing coaching: The Reclaim program: this program is for people who have had their dominant belief's "therefore" and "anchor-to-doom" pulled. This is a program where I coach through a forum... the coaching is personal, and frequent. I also re-enforce the energetic shift that allows for a permanent DNA alteration to occur.

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One-on-one in person coaching
If I don't know you, If I haven't told you that I'd talk to you, please use the contact form first... I'll send you a payment link if I accept you.

  1. The Juice Exercise... email me to see if you qualify
  2. Health Consultation, daily guidance