Coaching and Consulting

sophieI am available for training, coaching and consulting to take you to a life you life and a life that you live powerfully in all areas of life, wealth, health, love, and fulfillment.

If you are in need of consulting please contact me by email, and we'll see if I am able to help you in your specific problem.

Diagnostic consulting. I use muscle testing to diagnose

This can diagnose your health, your soul correction issues, and your core issues in finally raising your vibration in earnest. This is normally one session.

The Juice Exercise: find your secret core desire

This is my secret weapon. When asked, most people don't know what gives them juice to really enjoy life, 24/7, regardless of what they are doing.

The "Juice" is the idea/or context that makes your life integrated, and turns the dullest moment into sources of pleasure... Mine is: bringing the divine to everything, big or small...

This is normally one session... occasionally two.

Mindset/accomplishment coaching.

One-on-one phone coaching by application only: If you are interested in this type of coaching, this is most effective coupled with my other programs, so you can have an immersion experience. It is best to start with one of my "in writing" coaching where we find out if we are a good fit, so please start there. If we are, and we got to know each other, then you can ask me to upgrade you for one-on-one phone coaching.

Email coaching:

This is, normally, an add-on to a course or a project. Recently I have started to give feeedback in audio. It adds a layer that disengages your knee-jerk reaction to words, because the words come with a tone of voice that tells you: there is nothing wrong here... The feedback from students and clients has been very good.

The Reclaim program aka 67 step coaching: This is a program uses Tai Lopez's 67 step program to take you to about 100 principles you've never seen. I coach through a forum... the coaching is personal, and frequent. It focuses on finding the principles, and distinguishing them in every other area of life... to equip you with enough knowledge as a foundation for curiosity and personal growth. Daily opportunities for guidance and correction. Calculate 18 months for real results.

The Science of Getting Rich coaching uses the book. You are asked to do a chapter a day, and make changes in your mindset and in your thinking as a result... Report to me in writing, and I nudge you until you get it right. You'll be cycling through the chapters until you are masterful at it.

The 57 coaching uses the distinctions, the invisibles to take you from being blind to the invisibles to seeing them and integrating them in your life.

Accountability coaching... this is an add-on to any other coaching. You train yourself to get things done, things that when you are left to your own devices, you don't get done. Most important things belong to this category.



One-on-one in person coaching
If I don't know you, If I haven't told you that I'd talk to you, please use the contact form first... I'll send you a payment link if I accept you.

  1. The Juice Exercise... email me to see if you qualify
  2. Health Consultation, daily guidance
  3. Any other coaching you may need... issues, transitions, making decisions, finding your way.