Infusible Energies

Infusible energies

These are subtle Source energies, that can be infused in water and the energies work directly on you. If your vibration is high enough, then you can also listen to them in the background, or straight on your earphones. They look innocent, but they are powerful beyond belief. I use them very day.

  • Water Energizer... energizes your water to its native coherence, which is 653 on the vibrational scale. This energy is able to entrain... which means that you can put energized water next to non-energized water (or your body) and its energy passes onto the lower energy item.
  • Second and Third Phase activators: over 140 energies of high capacities, available inside the Effortless Abundance remedy or audio
  • Unconditional Love Activator bundle: 40 or so energies of love, acceptance, trust, etc. for freedom from your environment and its expectations of you
  • Heaven on Earth bundle... 44 Bach Energies bundled... to mitigate the effect of all negative emotions known to man
  • Individual Bach Energies┬« - Ask for what you need.

The already infused energy bundles, the energy remedies are there: