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Vibrational Review: Grigori Grabovoi, Arcady Petrov, Organ Regeneration Method, and Pranic Healing UPDATED

by Sophie Benshitta Maven - Tags: , , , , , , Vibrational Reviews - April 18, 2013 5 Comments


Sophie Benshitta Maven

A reader asks: Can you give a vibrational review on Arcady Petrov (personal: 190, teaching: 170, 180 truth level, 91% deception) and Grigori Grabovoi (personal: 300, teaching: 300, 600 truth level.). They are both Russian Authors. You can find their work in Amazon. They supposedly have learned how to regenerate body organs like teeth and in fact are teaching people how to do it.

I have done research on the internet and after I was sure I was connecting to the right person, my vibrational measures are in parentheses next to the person's name. Read my review of Pranic healing on the bottom

Although 300 vibration is respectable (Grigori) he was about 70% off, and made sweeping generalizations... He is in prison now, if I understand it correctly.

Our usual "scheme" is being repeated here: a relatively competent person with relatively high level of consciousness tries to teach an ambitious lower consciousness person, no success, and then that person will teach other people of what he can't do... Brilliant scheme to dupe millions of people who want to get well, or have children, parents, spouses, siblings... the devastation is terrible.

Of course, there is always the inevitable few percentile that just because they have "hope" they pull themselves out of the self-perpetuated illness and have a turnaround. The is an expectable side-effect of any healing modality, good or bad.

The Russian Organ Regeneration Method

Posted originally on Curechronicles.com

I write and post about some pretty incredible healing stories and methods on this site. Most are obscure. Some (perhaps most) are very credible but some border on the unbelievable. All can be found through google searches on the Internet. I post these stories and methods of healing because I want people to know that unlimited methods of healing abound.

If there is credibility with the Russian Organ Regeneration Method and the three men responsible for people regenerating damaged or missing organs than I believe that not only are we on the brink of a healing revolution but that we are in a new dawn of evolution.

What am I talking about?  Well, essentially there are three Russians, all clairvoyants  and all energy healers that are helping people to regenerate organs.  A person missing a lung would grow back the missing lung. Even missing teeth are reported to have grown back. Who are these people and what are their stories?

The first is Grigori Grabovoi.  Here is what his website has to say about him:

Author of discovery of creative field of information which realize any information object and information archiving models in any place of space-time continuum, also discovered methods of conversion of information of any act into known geometric form; principles of remote diagnostics and regeneration of matter within any term of time through transformation of time into space form. Had publicly recognized unique ability of clairvoyance, forecasting, and treatment. Using his clairvoyance he solves scientific problems, a priori being aware of a result.

Personal abilities of remote control of physical matter from any distance, cured hundreds of diseased persons without his personal presence, these facts are certified by traditional medicine and proved by notarized statement of cured persons. Cured tens of diseased persons from the 4th stage and it is certified by UN as well as from the 4th stage of AIDS.

Grigori entered politics in 2008 and was subsequently placed in prison on reports of fraud purportedly related to him promising some mothers that he could raise three children from the dead. I believe he disputes this claim and feels he was set up.

The second gentleman is Arcady Petrov. Mentored by Grigori, Arcady is the author of a book trilogy entitled Creation of the World.  He currently travels the world teaching his seminars on healing.  Below is a sample of the information found throughout the web on Arcady from one website.

As president of the Centre of Bioinformation Technologies, he is dedicated to ongoing research in the area of the “bioinformation matrix of the person”. This research focuses on discovering healing techniques through non-surgical methods and without medications, involving incurable diseases such as congenital or accidental blindness, cardiovascular and pancreases and other organs. Dr Petrov says results in the treatment of hundreds of people with a variety of medical conditions have been highly successful. Some include full regrowth of previously removed organs and complete recovery from a variety of diseases in their last stages, i.e.regeneration of diseased kidneys, gall bladders, inefficient pancreases, female reproductive organs, debilitated thyroid glands and the regrowing of teeth and hair. Results have been verified by independent medical experts using standard diagnostic equipment such as ultrasound and tomography with no cases involving surgical or medicinal intervention.

The following are some testimonials of healing as a result of working with Arcady or having read his trilogy.

Unfortunately, not much is easily found regarding the last Russian healer, Igor Arepjev. He is frequently mentioned in the same sentences as Grigori  and Petrov so I thought worth mentioning.  There is an article that talks at length about him but I found the translation to be a bit choppy.

The Bottom Line: The Internet is chock full of stories about people who claim miraculous things. Are their stories true? I don’t know but enough knowledge of these three Russians and their works are available that given the seminars happening world wide in English speaking countries on their teachings I would think we would hear more.  Worth being aware of however…

Also, what about Pranic Healing, Master Stephen Co (180) and its founder Master Choa Kok Sui. (230)

Here is a link to the codebook of Grigory Grabovoi that is a numerical distillation of a human... It always goes back to magical numbers, Kabbalah and other secret mystical knowledge, Alchemy... and in the end no results, disappointment. But to the desperate, greedy and/or ignorant, that is grabbing onto straws, this is manna. Here is the link to the grabovoi-codebook2, grabovoi-codebook shorter, grabovoi-the-phenomenon

And it just occurred to me that if you call something "code" like the Healing Codes, Grabovoi Codes... then the sheep and sheeplike will flock to you because to them it sounds like it came from code, that it is the truth, and it will work no matter what.

None if those is based on reality, on how life works, on how disease works... in my experience, unless YOU change, you will continue being diseased. So why people don't change? Because it is not magical, it is work! It means using YOUR brain, YOUR time, YOUR energy, and THAT you don't want. You want to be given the answers, while you behave like a sheep, like swine, like monkey... wanting to be called a human being. THAT you are not. Not until you take complete responsibility for your inclination to want to receive, to control, to laze about, to whine, to only do what you like, to go with your taste buds, avoid, dominate, hide, lie, cheat, steal... and all the things you do... maybe you don't do them all, but if you are a human living now, you do many of them... Growing? Working hard? Focusing your attention? Oh no, that you don't want to do.

As you can hear, I am a tiny bit mad at you... lol. Do you care? No, you don't. Does it make a difference? It hasn't so far, so I don't think it ever will.

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