Juicy life

What's missing so you could have a great life? 

A workshop

Your life doesn't work as well as you would like it to work altogether or in some area... Money, health, relationships, fulfillment...

In this workshop we'll look for the little hinges that swing big doors. We'll attempt to find what is missing that if you put it into that area, it transforms, like magic.

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven

I have been leading this particular workshop for 16 years now... and never get tired of it.

I have a slightly different slant of each session... some are about work, some are about relationships, and yet others are about health.

This is a workshop, so you have to participate. Can't? Don't want to? Just want to observe? You are not welcome, sorry.

You'll need a working headset, so there is no echo. You'll need paper and pen: you'll work on the questions on paper. And you'll need to stay for the whole three hours... if you cannot, please don't come.

The workshop is $10... for now. I am considering charging more for it in the future.

But for now I'd like to have more and more people who have seen at least the little hinges that swing big doors in their life.

If I have your Starting Point Measurements, my help is more valuable on the webinar.

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