Energize Your Water, Energize Your Body. About the Source Energized Water… 70% of your body is water. Are you energized?

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energize your water... life giving. 70% of all is water

Energize your Water: About the Source Energized Water… 70% of your body is water

Most of what we know, or think we know is Tree of Knowledge.

Tree of Knowledge means that we didn’t have a direct experience of what we are talking about. We guessed, or someone else guessed and sold it to us as the truth.

That is the case with most of history, the Bible, and most of science.

Now, let’s get back to direct experience: it is a tricky area.

I need to add something important: direct experience of something that is not open to interpretation.

Example: I was 9 years old when the so called “revolution” happened in Hungary. I listened to Voice of America, I had my father called at 3 am to go and fight. I had my brother stand in line for 7 hours to get a loaf of bread. I had my mother and brother go to the Austrian Embassy for some food: they had to go in the backyards of houses to be protected from gunfire.

I had two thugs shoot at me in the second floor window and I had the bullet to prove.

Now, that is Tree of Life knowledge… I was there and it happened to me.

Example #2: I am at the chiropractor and someone is complaining of night-time cramps. The chiropractor says: Magnesium. I muscle test and it’s Potassium that the person needs.

Another person walks in with a bad rash. He says he ate avocado. The chiropractor gives him a homeopathic remedy when I can feel 2 that the guy has a congested liver, and all he needs is a liver flush that he can get for seven bucks on this site: it’s an energetic liver flush, plenty times more convenient and easy than what others recommend.

Another thing this chiropractor recommends is drinking plenty of water.

But this is what I really wanted to talk about: your water.

energize your water: map of consciousness, scale of vibrational frequencies, locate yourself on the map You see, tap water vibrates at 70~80 on the vibrational scale. Spring water, bottled, vibrates at 120-180. Your physical body, the cell water, vibrates around 300 when healthy. The vibrational numbers show both integrity and energy.

You need your drinking water to vibrate at least at 300 to contribute to your health… otherwise it goes the other way around: your body needs to energize your drinking water.

Did you notice that people just don’t want to drink water? Their cells cringe: but they can fool their cells by adding flavor, heat, etc. to the water in the form of tea, coffee, juices, sodas.

Orange, for example, vibrates at 250. That is still under the body’s vibration.

My guess is this is why health nuts don’t live longer than couch potatoes: they put the same de-energizing liquids in their bodies. But the health nuts need more liquids: so they destroy their health with all the liquids they do put in their bodies.

You can’t win, right?

Yeah right, until this time in history.

A Florida company sells a product, Lifeforce water, that vibrates at 600. They have a proprietary process. The owner is 90 years old, he is planning to take the secret to the grave with him… lol.

Factor in yours truly, me. I had been buying this company’s products, but then something happened, and I didn’t like the direction they were going. So I asked Source: Can you duplicate this? The answer was yes. How? You just hold your hand on water and say: “Energize”

I was afraid to do it. After all why would it work? Who do I think I am to just say Energize and the water energizes.

But, as I built confidence, I decided one day to try it. Lo and behold, the water energized.

I know it two ways:

1. Energized water is silky. It tastes good, doesn’t have that “chunky” feeling when you drink it. I can just put two fingers into it and can tell the energy of the water, it is so obvious.
2. I can muscle test its vibration.

Found out that the Energizer® takes the water to a vibration of 650: that is, it seems, the highest vibration the water can hold and pass on: it comes from the change in the structure of the water, a vibrational shift. I tested the Tr. energy and, combined with the Energizer, it raises the vibration of the water to 650, but the Tr. energy doesn’t get passed on to some other water with entrainment.

What is entrainment? It’s an energetic phenomenon: vibration, or cycles harmonize when in close vicinity. Pendulum clocks, menstruating women, heart cells… all have a cycle, and the cycles harmonize. That is what’s called entrainment.

energize your water with this pitcherWhen you put the water energized with the Energizer next to non-energized water, over time the non-energized water gets energized too. The original Energized water works like an energizer to the new water.

Using that principle, I have energized gel inserts to a special type of pitcher, and the water in the pitcher gets energized in about 4-6 hours to 600 on the vibrational scale.

What other uses are for this process?

Pain reduction. You can energize a gel pillow or gel pack and the bodypart you hold it against will heal faster.

What happens to you when you drink this energized water, or other liquids energized with this energy?

I can only tell you from memory: I used to have bad skin. My skin has been clear since I am using this method.
When I travel without my energizing insert, I get very very very tired, and I get a fever blister or a cold every time I am without my energy water for a day or two.

Interestingly, the airport X-ray machine reduces energized water’s vibration, but not the Gel insert’s. Why? I don’t know.

What does it mean to the end user? That the energizer insert can be shipped with any shipping company: it will arrive fully charged. The Florida company claims that their product has to be shipped with UPS, because UPS doesn’t scan their boxes. So often the shipping used to be more expensive than the product itself. Not any more.

So, how can you get you some of this goodness? (did you get my downhome accent in this last sentence? lol)

I sell the pitcher, I sell the energized inserts, and soon I will sell the gel-packs that you can use for pain and other bad bodily stuff.

Check out the page that sells it: https://www.yourvibration.com/energywater/

Suggestions for other uses? Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment. Or if you have used these products, please leave a comment on your experience with them. Let’s energize!

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  1. I am an empath, remember? I can connect to a person, present or not, in a sec and feel, reliably, what is going on there.
  2. I am an empath, remember? I can connect to a person, present or not, in a sec and feel, reliably, what is going on there.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

23 thoughts on “Energize Your Water, Energize Your Body. About the Source Energized Water… 70% of your body is water. Are you energized?”

  1. Thanks for that concise explanation of Tree of Life/Tree of Knowledge – Got it this time!

  2. As you know, I’ve been using the water for several months now, and love it! You can tell the difference in taste immediately, and yes, I have a lot more energy. I wasn’t aware that it only had to charge for 4 to 6 hours, I have been waiting 24 hours. This is an added bonus.

    My skin looks great, and I’ve been trying to think of a way to use it in the bath. It would take weeks to fill a tub with the two pitchers I have. What do you think Sophie? Is there a way to do this?

    I highly recommend this product!

  3. Just get 2 or 3 gel inserts, throw it in your tub while the water is running and then leave it in while you are taking a bath.
    It will probably raise the vibration of the water to above 300 by the time it’s time to get into the tub.

  4. I was thinking: Once the water in the jug has been energized, could it be transferred to another container so the next batch could start energizing? This could reduce the number of jugs required. Should the water be filtered before going into the jug?Also, is the gel pack replacement time determined by the number of uses or the age of the gel pack? I am excited to try the energized water!!
    BTW I got the difference between Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge the first time you told us and I am sure others did too, you never asked if we did 🙂

  5. My first batch is charging…may have to get a 2nd pitcher so that there’s always a supply of H2O on hand.

    Sophie-how long does the gel insert maintain its charge?

  6. If the original of this system is any indication, at least a year. So your expense is $50 a year for unlimited energized water. I think it’s a good deal.

    By the way Charlie, you could just read the sales page, it says replace it every 1-2 years.

  7. Well I can safely say I am learning something new everytime I take a look at your site. Truth be told this article explains why I always disliked drinking “regular” water. I do enjoy the flavor of soda and sparkling water to ever give them up (I enjoy the flavor to much). Thanks for shedding some long overdue light on this mystery.

  8. ok, very expensive to ship. shipping ranges from 50 to 160 bucks, I think the cheapest is 57.64… so the cheapest I can get this to you is 130 dollars. Same answer to Will in the UK. Canada can be done for 110. This is a students only rate, and I have to test the size of box it comes from the supplier to make sure. I am ordering a test shipment to me today, and I’ll know more in 2-3 days.

  9. Hmm, Is the pitcher itself special, or could i buy the inserts from you and use them in any jug?

  10. the pitcher IS special, it has a place where the insert screws into it… BUT you can drop the insert into any water, it’s just not a very easy shape.

    I am thinking of creating 7″ tubes that fit gallon water bottles, but at this point it’s not a priority for me.

  11. the water that is filtered will be higher energy than unfiltered tap water.

    I use a two-tier undersink filter: it filters out the mud on stage 1, and on stage 2: whatever the activated charcoal filters out, who knows.

    I have tried the energizer on tap-water in hotels where I didn’t have access to filtered water, and the $5 a bottle of water was prohibitive (I drink a gallon of water a day!) and the water was largely undrinkable to me, but I am spoiled rotten.

    You can transfer the energized water into another container, but in my experience, I need 3-4 pitchers in rotation to supply the water for drinking and cooking for one person.

  12. Sophie
    I will need three inserts for 1 gallon jugs.
    I am looking for alternative delivery to me today I will let you know ASAP.
    Went to PO box yesterday,no HOE yet.
    I’m thinking ship to San Diego California ground,then forward to me down the baja ground avoiding air mail scans at border.

    Shipping costs to San diego please?


  13. This method really does work for charging the water, I have proof: my Dad is a stroke victim and he has a hard time drinking water, he has a constant “gummy” feeling in his mouth. I tried getting him to drink alkaline water and he spat it out!…at first he would not try the charged water he called it “space” water, but after a few weeks curiosity set in and he tried and loved it said it was less “chunky” and easier for him to drink, and he is the biggest skeptic I know!…I highly recommend this product!

  14. Henry, the inserts don’t fit a gallon jar. They are specially made for the pitchers.
    Why don’t you rent a UPS store box in the US, and go and pick up the stuff there: it will save you a bundle: US shipping is a pittance compared to shipping to Mexico. And I use exclusively post office mail to deliver, and they deliver to ups stores too.

    How far are you from a US city?

  15. I have a planned order of the water inserts, but am much more interested in seeing when the infused hot/cold pads are available (thanks also today for telling us they cannot be microwaved)

    I will surely report back on its efficacy!

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