So you want to become a healer?

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People want to become healers. It is all ego, pride, a way to go around doing their own spiritual work.

Thousands upon thousands search to become Reiki “Masters”… they are not a master in anything, barely can tie their shoe laces, but they are Reiki Masters. Yeah, right.

It’s the best racket of our age:wave your arms, and get paid. No one can see energy, no one can measure energy, and only a very small percentage of people can feel energy. And when they don’t… it is their fault, isn’t it?

Get away with murder

It is a way to get away with murder, become one of the few who are operators, instead of the ones who were duped, defrauded, cheated, stolen from…

learn to become a healerYeah, but here is the thing: if you hung out a shield saying you are an energy healer, without doing a course, you would do just as well as if you “learned” from famed energy healers, like Mr. T, Carol Tuttle, or the myriads of reiki teachers, and such.

The guy who introduced me to energy paid about 50 grands to learn to become an energy teacher. I followed the same path to the tune of about 10 grands…

Why on Earth did I do that? Because as an empath I felt exactly what the energies felt like, even though I refused anyone to put their hands on me.

It was an eye opener for me. Until that point if you had spoken of energies, I would have laughed. But feeling it, exactly, was proof positive for me.

A second incident happened some six months later: I was in the room (again) as energy transmission went on, and I had an experience of seizure: the energy was too strong for my brain to handle.

So yeah, there are energies, weak energies, strong energies, maybe even healing energies.

There are energies you need to put your hand on another person. There are energies you can send remotely. There are energies with which you can heal, by proxy.

energies are like swords


healer-trainingBut energies are like swords: you can use them for good, you can use them for bad, and you can be a clumsy person who will cut yourself with them.

If you want to be an energy healer, my off the cuff assessment of you is that you feel powerless, that you don’t feel enough, that you don’t feel respected, and more importantly: that you don’t want to do the work of finding the seeker, of going within, of finding the real you in the darkness of your being.

By the way, darkness of your being… You flock to teachers that tell you what you hope to hear, that you are a child of god, a spiritual being having a human experience, that you are pure love, good, etc. You hope to hear that, you hope it’s true, because you don’t feel that way. You are actually quite clear what a nasty little bastard you are, what a judgmental person you are, vindictive, manipulative, lazy, blaming, etc.

You know. But you hope that if you listen to all the nice soothing words those teacher tell you, you’ll feel better.

You won’t.

The bigger the distance between who you are and who you hope you are, the more miserable you are, the more pretentious you are.

But the real problem is: if you live in that gap, you can’t go within. You can’t go to the place where you can reconcile this issue, where you have access to consciousness, and become a passable human… you are cut off.

It may be the purpose of all these teachings, because as long as you are miserable, you pay through your nose to get more duping help, more fantasies, more hope.

Now, let’s look at the scenario: you know you have a huge shadow… but now you want to make a difference, help people, heal people. Without helping yourself, healing yourself.

What do you think will happen? One of two, or both:

  1. You’ll be able to wield energy, at least the energy that comes with a body: the chi energy. But you will have to come from love, from compassion, from respect… but without having access to love, compassion, respect, you can’t… so you go around poisoning people’s lives.
  2. You’ll not be able to access any energies, and you’ll go around lying, cheating, pretending…

This is a life I don’t even wish to my enemies, and god knows, there are many people that would rather have me dead, some of them pretending to be my friends.

So, what is the conclusion of this article?

I recommend that you become the kind of person who can love, care, and have compassion and respect for others.

I know I know, in order to become that, you have to face your ugliness…

I call it “Facing the Tiger”… it is the level of adult.

Unless you are willing the Face The Tiger, please don’t get distracted by nice stuff… like becoming an energy healer.

One of my students had some healing capacities. The more work she has been doing on herself, by facing the tiger, the better and more effective healer she is becoming.

I am very proud of herself. One in a million is the person who turns within instead of staying on the outside, the world of bling, pretense, and pretty.

But until one does, healing can’t happen, won’t happen.

Instead, if you are powerful, you’ll become like my tormentor in California. Or you’ll become as Mr.T… miserable wretch, rich and miserable. Oh, that hit a cord? You want to be rich? A rich energy healer?

Got it… You are one of the evil ones.

And if you look around, the cottage industry of ineffective unhealed healers, greedy for more money, go and open a healing school… it’s the best racket going around. Then you can go through the different degrees until you become a “master”, many thousands of dollars later, so you can be the front line person, de-fleecing the public, not the teacher.

Great racket.

When are searched the web for “How to become a healer” Mr.T’s school comes up as first on the page. And he is pushing his wife, Dahryn T., who I muscle tested several time, no energy. Gopal: yes, there is energy. Mr. T. there is energy. But, let me ask you, do you think this is really teachable?

Just like meditation can’t be taught… meditation is not sitting in silence, quietly. Of all the meditators in the world, about a million people, none of them went within. Why? Because even the teachers that teach it don’t go within. 1



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  1. This came from a site I visited…

    what it means to be a healer is:

    1. You understand “you” are not a healer.
    2. You understand healing sometimes happens through (or despite) you.
    3. Whatever is happening is not about you.
    4. You have no choice but to do the work.
    5. Willingness to feel and process pain.
    6. Willingness to be constantly healing yourself.
    7. Willingness to be constantly dis-identifying from your ego.
    8. You will ironically be alone much of the time.
    9. Willingness to be patient, compassionate and understanding.
    10. Willingness to be challenging, assertive and demanding.
    11. Willingness to be completely present and actively listening to advance the process.
    12. Willingness to be completely unattached to outcome.
    13. You have to have right tools and framework to facilitate the transformation.
    14. To have a chance for both – a fulfilling hobby and a lucrative meaningful business.

    So, what do you want? Still want to be a “healer”?

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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6 thoughts on “So you want to become a healer?”

  1. I was hoping you’d provide your view on this subject. After just two nights of talking to you I knew that I needed to explore my own perspective of this modality and I had already come to the same conclusion that I had to do the work on myself before I could help anyone else. It seems much easier to fix other people’s problems, but you just become a hypocrite and damage your own ability to heal…I speak only of myself. Thank you for the article.

  2. This one hurt. At one time I had my own mistakes in wanting to be a healer. Now I am learning to discern the trap within wanting to be of service.

  3. About a year ago I dropped my interest to be a healer. When I look deep I can see the reason I wanted to be one in the first place and it’s because I saw everything wrong with myself and with people. From my experience wanting to help is a big pretense: it’s an escape from myself. What is interesting: when I dropped all the wanting and dropped pretending like I really cared for people to be healthy and well, people began to reach out to me instead of me reaching out to them. They are attracted to my work now, mostly I just do massages. I still catch myself spitting out ‘tree of knowledge’ junk… it’s a never ending work. Thank you Sophie for shining the light in my dark corners.

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