What is YOUR Dark Side? What did I say about that 6 years ago?

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What is YOUR Dark Side?

Mine is, definitely, feeling like the only one who can be trusted. If I cannot be the only one… I am not even interested. Messiah complex… lol. Very funny.

What I need for this Dark Side to prevail is people who are not able, not willing to rise to the occasion… in spite of all my efforts.

I spent last week in that space… I am the only one, bah-bah-bah, sob-sob, hate-hate.

I was watching it with curiosity, not with resistance, and it left. On its own. It could not survive observation, it could not hide because of curiosity.

This is true for anything from the Dark Side… it can thrive, run your life, only if it is not observed with sober eyes. Or amused… Instead, it is resisted, it shouldn’t be, etc.

As long as you can’t find yours, you are still either completely unaware, or are in denial about it.

The assignment I gave in my article about finding out what you have and work with that… your solutions said pretty much everything about your Dark Side, or at least your technique to avoid looking at it.

So far

  • you emphasized what you don’t have
  • you emphasized that you had a breakthrough in spite of difficult circumstances
  • you emphasized that this is how you live, so nothing special
  • you emphasized that you had to get through confusion to do it
  • –etc.

25-quotes-make-you-lol-16-12-638These all point to YOUR Dark Side… are not necessarily your Dark Side.

Now, before you get all up in arms to fix your Dark Side… consider that you are doing everything to eliminate your dark side…


Dark Side that you want to eliminate thrives, but goes underground.

All your breakthroughs, all your shares illustrate a temporary victory over Dark Side… no growth in that.

So, what is going on?

making-peaceAs long as your attention is on eliminating what’s wrong, with you, with them, with it… you are stuck.

Life is about movement. And you are not moving.

Even my star student wanted to move to another country before he could live his dream life…

A coach’s job is to make you move. Anywhere. Sideways, backwards, forwards, just move out of the stuck state where your life’s focus is to fix something that is wrong.

Real movement doesn’t fix anything.

I have not many shares to publish that are about real movement.

Tons of shares to publish about flash in the pan victories. It must be the culture… Landmark Education shares are like that too… They even teach you to share that way.

shadow-side1People who actually move, leave Landmark Education… and if I didn’t coach, they would leave me too.

There is no way to have what you want in life, without movement.

But your foot is still nailed to the floor… So you’d rather have a victory, and another one…

whatever-we-refuse-to-recognize-about-ourselves-has-a-way-of-rearing-its-head-and-makingWhile perpetuating the Dark Side… your excuse for not growing.

Today could be the day where you open your eyes, take off your blindfold or blinders and look: what the heck is your dark side?

Catch if you share: in spite of limiting circumstances I was creative, excellent, productive, unstoppable, etc. You want to catch what comes after “in spite of”

And then please share it with me. Best to do it generously in the comments area of this post… But you can email me, if you are still intent on hiding it.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

12 thoughts on “What is YOUR Dark Side? What did I say about that 6 years ago?”

  1. I have had an interesting week, where I had some highs, the best one was “letting go ” energetically of some seasonal habits” over a few days there was this joy “the have to” gone! more room no guilt, no forcing, some peace, lovely. I think (being the mischief) I became to concerned with this as today not so ‘lovely” knocked of my perch, the outside pull was once again at me ‘I am a big disappointment”dark side, locked out again , but I haven’t gone to shrinking which is my usual schtick, but I am having a look…

  2. you should sell your writing as lyrics for rappers, it makes about as much sense.

    Would you do me the courtesy and make some sense? Or if you really prefer, start guessing.

  3. One of my dark sides is not trusting anyone. Not even trusting myself. That might be why I hide from you and from myself.

    Go ahead and rip me a new one, I’ve come to understand that you do it with love…. tough love..lol

  4. Impatience, I know it all ….. I observe them…how can I become a greater human I aspire to be ?

    much love Sophie!

    Sorry I missed you workshop on Saturday 🙂

  5. I’m going to take a guess. In spite of that I believe my life deserves to be ruined (in spite of limiting circumstances) I still experience times in life when I feel like I can trust myself and other people. But I think I don’t understand “dark side” yet. I’m guessing.

  6. impatience: I would go underneath and say: the inability or unwillingness to want what is… or said in another way, making what is not enough, not the right thing, wrong.

  7. I’d venture to say that you should read what I wrote to Diana… not wanting what you have because it is not more, not the right thing… do the kitchen exercise, and do it until you can see that you can love what you have and make the most of it.

  8. yes Sophie – I so resonate with that – thank you.

    what would be useful to work on so it lessens ?

  9. the best way to start is doing the kitchen exercise… let me find it for you… I’ll copy and paste it here for you

    Exercise 1: Go to your kitchen. Look around. Observe what you have, food, utensils, dishes. Then make something for yourself with what you have: cook, combine, etc.

    Notice if your thought wanders to what you’d rather have, what you don’t have, what you forgot to buy, what you should buy next time.

    Bring creativity into what you’ll make with what you have.

    Exercise 2: If you are in business, or if you want to be in business: look and make an inventory of what you have. Observe that what you don’t have wants to push at you.

    With creativity, look what you can make/do with what you have.

    Notice that the resistance will take you to the thought of what you are missing… what you are lacking, inside or outside.

    this was the article: https://www.yourvibration.com/20692/happiness-2/

  10. First off, it blows my mind that my Dark Side is so connected with my soul correction- living the life of a fairytale but always playing the victim. Pardon me if this redundant, but I want to put out everything that I could see: I can’t do things that are too hard because I don’t know how to do them. I have to have help in order to do anything. I like to pretend that I can’t do anything so I am not held accountable. I also pretend that I can’t do what I actually can do. I pretend that just hanging in there is enough to get me off of the hook for something worthwhile. I pretend that trying things is doing things. I further pretend that I’m not pretending to be a victim by hiding my complaint or by making helpless displays to mask that I am not doing anything

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