Updated: Your soul correction and commitment: What is the connection?

soul correctionAs I have said before, soul correction is a set of character defects, specific to your soul correction, that you need to overcome in a lifetime.

Track record through written history shows, that unless someone has guidance, expert guidance, they will not overcome the character defects: it is as if the character defect protects itself.

projectionThe character defect even wants to protect itself from being seen… It will do shape-shifting, go underground, pretend that it’s gone… Why? I can only think of one reason: the selfish gene is threatened by any change, any fundamental change that upsets the homeostasis.

Homeostasis (the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes, psychological processes, intellectual processes.) is a kind of balance, a kind of workaround, even if most of it is workaround… Workaround is not an optimal state… it is a state… Workaround is like fixing a rope when it breaks by tying it into a knot… it will work, it is fixed but not made better. A workaround.

Unfortunately, there can be no growth, no personal and species evolution without upsetting the homeostasis.

In some weird way, even Consciousness doesn’t know of the character defect and its effects, unless in extreme situations it can get a glimpse. Unless something makes it wake up to it… and then Consciousness says… Whoa… I didn’t see that!

The Playground program is a process to wake up Consciousness, The Witness, to all the ways you are not all you could be, all the ways you are screwing yourself, all the ways you are in homeostasis… but NOT whole and complete. NOT becoming all you can become.

And I am not talking about your conscious mind… by the way. I am talking about the non-physical consciousness, that doesn’t even live in your body.

How do I know this?

I don’t KNOW, as in I learned it from someone. I deduce it.

Here are two types of phenomena that point to it being true.

  1. You get sick. You resist trying to fix what you think is wrong, You interfere with consciousness getting a clear picture. Not fixing means: you don’t take anything to suppress fever, you don’t muck with anything. You go to bed, you drink lots of fluids, you rest, you sleep, you take hot showers, and you allow nature to do what nature does best. Not fixing…When you do this, you allow homeostasis to stop being so darn solid and fixed. Consciousness and your immune system wake up and say: holy sh*t, look at that… and while they, as a team, work on the cause of the fever, they also find your cancer cells, your toxins, your accumulated garbage that would eventually kill you, in your intestines and in your arteries, in your lung, in your liver, and do a 250% job.The new level of homeostasis that follows is a higher level of organization… you are younger, have more energy, have more elbow room to live how you live, and still be well.
  2. out-of-balanceIn certain chiropractic practices they put you out of balance. Mostly by the neck. It’s uncomfortable, it’s weird, but it wakes consciousness up: the body starts to shake, uncontrollably, and bones start popping seemingly on their own accord.It is consciousness suddenly seeing that you are crooked, skewed, bent, messed up, and the body is now doing what it can to straighten you out.Depending on how open you are vs. how willful you are, this type of treatment is invaluable and ultimately leads to increased health, increased flexibility, and disease resistance.

Now, let’s return to the character defects that are the Soul Correction:

The character defects have an agenda, they have something to prove.

  • They want to prove that you can’t…
  • They want to prove that you are superior, smart, special
  • They want to prove that it is not your fault… whatever the “it” is.
  • They want to prove that you are a victim, not a co-creator, not a perpetrator, not a master of your being.

list of character defectsWhat happens when you want to get something that needs a commitment, or it won’t become yours? When you want to acquire a skill, a result, a state being, a spiritual capacity?

  • You attempt to commit… so far so good. Many stop before they even attempt to commit.
  • You commit… and what is there, full force, is the character defect that is, presently, the keystone of your being.
  • The keystone holds the arch together

keystone aka linchpinEvery character defect is the keystone of your current person. In other structures we would call it the linchpin… the thing that holds it all together…

The person who you are, defined by your character defect. The person held together by the character defect cannot, will not commit to a new, to a higher state, because if you did, you would break  your “undeclared” commitment to hold it together in predictable way, you would risk having to rebuild yourself to get to a new homeostasis… like in the chiropractic example above.

  • A commitment to growth needs to remove the keystone, the linchpin, or there will be no growth…
  • A commitment will put you out of balance… pull you out of homeostasis
  • A commitment is the scariest thing for a human

So you’ll do what you have always done, the thing that is totally predicted by your character defect:

  • you’ll avoid
  • you’ll procrastinate
  • you’ll create great Greek drama
  • you’ll fade into the background
  • you’ll argue
  • you’ll quit
  • you’ll change your “commitment”
  • You’ll do, dutifully, some stuff… and then stop.
  • Ultimately you will wiggle off the hook, overtly or covertly refuse to do what you need to do to fulfill on the commitment.

Why? Back to the selfish gene and homeostasis: your commitment is a violation of your current organizational system.

So what can you do if your sights are set on a higher way of living, but your selfish gene holds you down?

You need to do what the chiropractor does: put YOURSELF out of balance.

Let me talk about entropy and the laws of thermodynamic with regards to highly organized entities, like a human, or the human brain:

When I look back at my life, I see three crucial incidents that could be said that they were putting my brain out of balance.

parkinsons-disease-nerves-can-be-replaced1969, 1998 and 2003.

The first two were massive brain damage resulting from extreme action.

Both times the brain recovered (with some loss of memory and some loss of capacities) organized on a higher level.

I was in the middle of it, so it was hard to tell.

The third was slightly different. A shaking of the brain threatened to shake it apart… Consciousness woke up with a WHOA! WHAT’S GOING ON?! and the brain reorganized itself on a higher level by activating synapses between the two hemispheres of the brain, synapses that were there but not used. It reorganized itself on a more stable configuration.

defective headThe result was dramatic: I became able to think better, take more risks, and see further on my path than before.

What is most important, for me, and could be for you, is the sudden clarity in seeing how seemingly disparate parts of my teachings connect to a higher organized whole.

The process of climbing Jacob’s Ladder, the ladder of “enlightenment”, the ladder of evolution, the ladder of becoming a human BEING, just begins when your brain first needs to reorganize itself on a higher level.

This process is irreversible… by the way.

And when you can fully use your higher organized brain, then the next job is to find the next character defect that holds your current homeostasis together… and with a commitment, upset it again.

Personal evolution, becoming all you can become, is a series of events when you upset homeostasis, remove the character defect, and allow your whole Self to reorganize itself on a higher level.

Fixing, which is what medicine does, fixing what humans do, works against this reorganization. Fixing is what makes you remain the same crooked person… a whole lot less than you could be.

Because I lack the power to cause a major out of balance for you, I am employing the small steps method… small imbalances, tiny nudges, all designed to make consciousness perk up its ears…

In my flagship transformational, evolutionary program, The Playground, every partner call is an opportunity for YOU to put yourself out of balance, to wake up Consciousness, and then to reorganize your Self on a higher evolutionary level.

The more cowardly you are, the less it will work for you… because you won’t allow it. It is very uncomfortable.

The more discomfort you can allow, the better you’ll do in the program. The measure of how much discomfort you can allow is your TLB, your Twitchy Little Bastard score.

Every promise you make to me is an opportunity to upset the current balance. Every time you go through the Partner Call script, the script that is designed to take you out of your comfortable homeostasis, out of your smug balance, is an opportunity to go to the next level of consciousness. For a turning point.

And every time your promise is stronger than the “machine’s” action to get you off the hook, you develop a new level from which to start next time.

And even though evolutionary shift is a discontinuous leap, it is possible to get to the “launching pad” of evolution through the tiny steps. It is what I call Jacob’s ladder…

  • PS: I consider the possibility that an intangible capacity, a spiritual capacity creates an imbalance, that is why the genes fight it and turn it off… or that is why the whole organism changes so dramatically when it actually, begrudgingly allows it and re-organizes itself to reach the new homeostasis.
  • PPS: Adjusting the predatory genes also creates an imbalance that you need to learn to live with. It is a threshold event…
  • PPPS: among the participants of a workshop I had a few years ago, where I turned on the capacity “patterns” for the nine participants, seven of those participants eagerly accepted the capacity, and I can see that fact on the quality of their communication.

Certain soul corrections don’t allow new capacities to take root. The soul corrections where being right is more important than anything else. (The moves of the “ego” are: being right, looking good, winning, dominate, justify, avoid being responsible…) Being right and justify/explain often show up together in the resistant to change, resistance to grow person. Giving up being right feels like certain death to them. The other difficult move to beat is the avoid domination move… the “don’t tell me what to do” character defect.

Without seeing patterns, without seeing what holds you stuck, what you are doing, as a pattern, there is no growth. Patterns is a threshold capacity.

I am not offering to turn on capacities at the present time. Why? I am in the middle of an experiment with the Predatory Genes Adjustment… and I don’t want anything to interfere with it.

The results are subtle and yet staggering. The higher someone’s station in life, the more the results are visible.

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