Flip the Switch On. Now you are connected. Simple. Easy.

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Flip the Switch On. Now you are connected. Simple. Easy. Brain-Dead Simple. Get All The Light You Need.

The feedback from people attempting to connect is coming in, fast and furious, and it’s a little disappointing.

The silver lining in disappointing feedback is that now, like every time I’ve had a question, I got an answer from Source.

This time the answer will surprise you. It surprised me.

I am going to take the long and scenic path to tell you what the question was and what the surprising answer was, suffice to say, it had everything to do with connecting.

That should be obvious by now: my divine assignment is to cause humanity to connect, again, to Source. To restore the umbilical cord between Creator and created. the umbilical cord we abandoned in the Garden of Eden.

Even the existence of an umbilical cord got erased from collective memory, not mentioning the “how to connect” part.

So, here I am, complaining about other people that accidentally connect and can’t tell you what they did. Most of them can’t do it again, some of them, like Vianna Stibal can connect, but haven’t been able to teach it to you how to duplicate it, effectively.

Her students don’t connect. If the method worked, the students would connect, at least some of them.

The biggest obstacle to connecting is visualization.

Visualization is the most important weapon of spirituality, the New Age movement, and visualization is the culprit.

Why? Because visualization is not an exact science. Activating a connection, just like turning on the television, is an exact science. It has no room for different modalities, and different styles, and different creative approaches.

You turn the darn switch and the darn thing turns on. That’s it.

And the people that teach visualization, of course, don’t connect themselves, unless accidentally they trip the switch, but they have no idea what part of all that psycho babble did the trick.

I am a Virgo. I am a double engineer. I am precise.

I remove all the extemporaneous stuff, until I get to the switch… And I got it. This time I really got the switch.

I started teaching the tangerine method. It flipped the switch for me, but I didn’t know what of the many actions did it. I felt that putting my attention on the tangerine spot connected me. But how do you explain that?

I added the triangle, which is your self… and it worked, but why? What part tripped the switch? 2

eyes up and backwards I watched Vianna’s video, and felt her eyes go up and backwards as she connected… Remember, I am an empath. I can feel the inside of people.

I looked at a painting of Jesus on the cross, and his eyes go up and backwards. Obviously he is connected.

We all, instinctively look up when we talk about God… but to look backwards at the same time, somehow we were never told. Sometimes though, in deep prayer, we hit the switch accidentally… That is the biggest problem, when a switch can be hit accidentally.

But feeling all those glances, all those heads, all those tangerine spots in the past few days really made it clear to me:

To connect you don’t need a tangerine, you don’t need a yarmulke, you don’t need to lift your triangle: you simply need to turn your eyes up and backwards, so the attention hits the tangerine spot from the side of your brain, the underside of your skull.

Count till 9 if you want to fully experience the connection. You can walk with that eye-position, you can see where you are going with your peripheral vision.

Easy-peasy. Even my brain damaged friend in NY got it. Called me 7 times today, all 7 times he was connected, I checked.

If he can do it, you can do it.

No visualization. No spiritual feelings. No nothing. You flip the switch on. Do just that for a month. Several times a day. 10-15 seconds at a time.

throw the switch One month is enough time for most of you to energize your Life Force so you can move to the next level, where you can start to use the energy to mobilize areas of your life where you have been slothful.

Every time you connect your vessel gets a little bit bigger, so next time you can get more light.

The next stage? We’ll get to that when you are ready.

PS: if you really want to get familiar with ‘switch’, the normal wall switch, not the seesaw type, not the dimmer… the one where it is kinda hard to get the movement started.

There is a BIG spring inside that switch… preventing the switch from accidentally turning on.

So when it actually goes over the ‘hump’, your head kind of goes mini-wiplash… back and forth.

That is how your head goes when you actually turn on any of the switches in the body… I know of five switches.

Go to the hadware store and practice with  the switch that looks like the pictures below.

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  1. I found out that as you push your arms up and behind your head, your eyes to to the tangerine spot, but only in 20/20 hindsight
  2. I found out that as you push your arms up and behind your head, your eyes to to the tangerine spot, but only in 20/20 hindsight

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

17 thoughts on “Flip the Switch On. Now you are connected. Simple. Easy.”

  1. Hi Sophie

    How do I know if I am connecting to source or if it a spirit guide I am communicating with?

    I asked for advise, and the responses I got were very similar to what my spirit guide would tell me but it did not come from the spirit guide that I know.

    Is there a clue that it is the Source, or will I just KNOW?



  2. Rene, the overwhelming majority that connect report that they have a strong feeling, tingling-like in the underside of the tangerine spot. I don't recommend communicating until you replenish your reservoirs going back many generations.

    You can always ask me to muscle test if you connected or not. I just did. The muscle test says: you attempted to connect but did not connected to Source but did connect to the 5th plane, which I don't know anything about. I only know that it's called the plane of duality, but nothing else.

    You will need to have connected at least once successfully to be a participant on the 27th.

    I hope you'll be there.

  3. So I have tried a few things, nothing is working. Tried spinning my crown chakra, nothing, did some Reiki to open up, nothing, even tried sitting on top of the tangerine on my head, nothing.

    I wonder where I am failing? Tried saying “I am now ready to connect”. Nothing.

    Am I trying to make this more difficult than it is? Maybe I have an agreement with the Source that I will be one of the people who will not connect?


  4. Sophie-

    I'm new here, and I'm enjoying your site very much; thank you! This all seems very similar to the Silva Method and Ultramind ESP- researched and developed by Jose Silva. Are you a graduate?

  5. Sophie thank you for clarifying things for me today. You are an amazing woman.

    Talk soon


  6. I think I’ve connected a few times. Even when I don’t connect this action quiets my mind – there is little to no thought.

    When I have connected I feel – I don’t see it – I feel awash with light. A loving, healing light. Today it awaited me with open arms and a loving, accepting embrace.

    Did I really connect?

  7. Michelle, please read the post at https://www.yourvibration.com/6838/mind-3/

    Most of the time when one experiences that you experienced… if your words actually express it well (?) you ARE in your mind. The mind actually never stops… Now, with that said, muscle test says that you did connect… and then spoke from the mind.

    Unfortunately most people are guided to experience what you say, instead of connecting. Be careful so you don’t feed people’s mind with your description.

  8. You are right! I connected, felt it, then ‘spoke’ from the mind what I felt. . . (Because I was so excited) will try to control this.

  9. I think I connected again after reading article. The reason why my mind quieted before is because I was focusing it on connecting. This time my mind was going while I was connected. I just felt an awareness . . . Then I came out to ask you a question: I lose my sense of self in office settings. I have to go outside to get it back. How do I get/stay connected while at work?

    Thank you.

  10. My brain started to ache (like there’s pressure on the left side, at the back of it) when I attempted to connect today. Is it normal for beginners?

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