I need your help to name the remedy… Please

wake-up-ready-2I need your help

It has become clear to me that calling the energy remedy Effortless Abundance Activator wasn’t as good an idea as I hoped it was going to be: only few people resonate with that, and no one seems to search for Effortless Abundance… literally.

So what does the remedy do, that would be a better clue to people that it’s a perfect match to what they desire?

Here are my own observations:

  1. wake up productiveIt somehow causes me to wake up ready… this used to be a dream of mine, to not waste the first few hours of every day trying to get ready… tea, more tea, moping around, reading my emails…. and maybe, if I was lucky, by noon I would start doing something useful.

    On the days that I had to get up early, I would be miserably tired all day, resenting my fate… lol.

    I could also call this effect “waking up productive

  2. Get Energized

  3. I would experience a disconnect between tiredness and energy: being tired doesn’t mean now: I don’t have energy. It means that I am using my energies, and my muscles aren’t keeping up. I have never had this before. This means sluggish, lethargic, etc. are now not connected to having enough energy to move a small mountain.

    I get a ton done in my day, and I go to bed tired, which I love. I fall asleep easily. yaaay.

    I would call this effect “Get energized” or “have energy to get things done

  4. The most important effect, for me, is the third: I got motivated.

    I got motivatedMotivated means, somehow, not losing sight of what I want to accomplish. Like a hunting dog not forgetting what scent it was following. Staying on track


  5. I used to be scattered, and be all over the place… could be said “ADHD” or ADD… Start this and start that and start the third thing, and my life and my computer would be filled with unfinished projects. We could call this effect “Get focused” or “Stay Focused! Stay on Track!

    Now, for some effect of the remedy, I start and I finish all my projects, and I have a lot! Since I started this remedy, I have installed and started to use all the software I bought: 37 in number.

    Before the remedy this would be 30 forgotten and unused, and maybe, if I was lucky, 7 used of the 37.

    All that software cost money, AND is capable of making me money, or saving me time, so not using them was a crime.

Now, I am tempted to “market” the remedy as all three, but they all talk to a different type of person, rarely does one person have all those desires and all those shortcomings… I think.

Would you, please, put on your creative thinking cap, and give me ideas of which name or angle would be the best to start with… Obviously, even if I choose one, all of these need to be tested: no one is smarter than the buyer.

I will have prizes for the best suggestions… And if you haven’t tried out the remedy, you can get it now… I am running a one week long FREE shipping promotion both on Amazon and on my site (for foreign orders). Non-alcoholic is not available in the dead of winter: it freezes.

You will need to use a claim code on Amazon. Click on 2new and pick the merchant fulfilled… it turns out that Amazon doesn’t show the claim code on orders that they fulfill… I just hung up with seller support.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

24 thoughts on “I need your help to name the remedy… Please”

  1. “Effortlessly Get More Done”
    I don’t know if that’s a catchy enough phrase, but all three of the benefits you discussed help you get more done and with less effort. Things that you wouldn’t have gotten done in the past. And I too am getting more done. I have the willingness to tackle things that in the past I wasn’t willing to work on.

  2. Okay, here’s what I came up with:

    “Invigorade” – spelled with ‘d’ so it can be assosciated with popular energy drinks (like Gatorade or Powerade)

    “Breeze Through” – the idea came from the sea sounds of the activator… sounds effortless enough to me 🙂

    “Perk-Up” – energizing, short and catchy.

  3. Game Changer
    Power and Focus Formula
    Life Drops
    Jump Starter
    Freedom & Ease
    Power and Purpose
    Life Energy Bundle
    Energy Upgrade
    Limitless Potential Activator
    Expansion Essentials (Essence)
    Source Water
    Life, Purpose and Power
    Power and Grace Formula
    Your Best Life Elixir
    Daily Focus Formula
    Manifest Your Destiny
    All Power in All Actions
    Boot Camp in a Bottle

  4. Just like your Abundance Activator meditations, I’m thinking that the word Abundance should more or less be the first word as lots of people are waking up to the fact that abundance is not just about money,,, and it’s a word that is googled a lot also…. Abundance Activator in a bottle? or Action Activator?

  5. Why not come up with three separate names, put a different label on each bottle, and market each separately. More opportunity to sell for each specific purpose, all with one remedy. You wouldn’t be deceiving anyone, even if they wanted to buy all three bottles, because it works for all three things.

  6. Personal Best
    Your Best Life
    Effective Immediately
    Get it Done
    Get to Work
    Raise Your Game
    Cause and Effect
    Path and Purpose Enhancer
    Effortless Achievement Activator
    Go For It!
    In the Zone
    Focus and Flow Activator
    Ready, Willing and Able!
    Graceful Energy
    Empower Me!
    Personal Empowerment Formula
    Limitless Me
    Everyday Mastery Formula
    Effortless Empowerment
    The Will to Win
    Accomplish This!
    Path to Accomplishment Formula
    Everyday Accomplishment

  7. You have mentioned that we should ‘sell the result’. So, for me, I have noticed that it helps me push through procrastination. It’s like a nudging/edging that helps me look at what I said I was going to get done. I’ll think of something and just do it right then, and when I don’t do it, it doesn’t allow me to just dismiss it. I have to cancel it. Also, I’m not as scattered about. Johnny Heart has a couple of names I like:

    Focus and Flow
    Raise your Game
    For Names Maybe: Start Smart, Seize The Day.

    There’s something about the name being a verb-the doing- that appeals to me.

  8. Presence of Mind
    Optimal Experience
    Working and Winning Formula
    Joy of Living
    Energy and Accomplishment
    My Vibrant Life
    Path to Fulfillment
    Your Best Self
    The Art of Living
    Freedom, Effectiveness, and Power
    Passion and Purpose Activator

  9. I am doing it!
    Wow, I am doing it!
    I am doing it right now!
    Target shooting
    Intention manifester
    Acting on purpose
    Clarity in action

  10. Optimal Focus
    Focus Therapeutic
    Fluster Buster
    ADD Tonic: Focus, Energize & Motivate

  11. Get Up and Go (there’s that saying, “My ‘get up and go’ got up and went” or “where’s your get up and go?” I can hear people saying, “I need my ‘Get Up and Go.” However, this could also sound like a laxative, lol)

  12. I’ve been thinking about names and came with a few:
    Quantum Leap
    New Life Formula
    Turn Your Life Around
    Stress be gone
    Mind Shift
    Peace Formula
    Soul Energizer

  13. Every suggestion had merit. I have picked one main winner, Mickey, because his suggestion was dramatically different, and inspired me to do exactly what he suggested. Here is his suggestion:

    Why not come up with three separate names, put a different label on each bottle, and market each separately. More opportunity to sell for each specific purpose, all with one remedy. You wouldn’t be deceiving anyone, even if they wanted to buy all three bottles, because it works for all three things.

    Read More https://www.yourvibration.com/7440/naming/
    Raise Your Vibration: Connect To Source teaches you how to connect to Source (God?) so you can live your life’s purpose, get answers, more

    His prize is any of my products, up to $100, including shippables… Thank you Mickey

    And to thank everyone who contributed, I’d like to offer a free remedy to everyone. If you want to help me further, then please get it from Amazon (it helps my ranking) and I re-imburse you through paypal asap, including shipping.

    Deal? Thank you for partnering up with me in this tricky business of Energy Remedies. xoxoxo


    Sleep Rescue: same as Heaven on Earth: https://www.yourvibration.com/sleep-rescue
    Wake up Productive: https://www.yourvibration.com/effab-amazon
    Bright Focus: https://www.yourvibration.com/brillatwill-amazon

  14. Hi Sophie,

    My congratulations to the winner also! Fun contest.

    Sophie, does this mean that now the sleep rescue and the wake-up productive are the same product? Were they different before? I’m wondering because I just brought both last week. Thanks!

  15. The Sleep Rescue is the same as the Heaven on Earth – 40 Bach Energies
    The Wake up Productive is the same as the Effortless Abundance Remedy 168 Energies including the 40 Bach Energies

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