Vibrational Reviews of Miscellaneous Modalities: Jo Dunning, David Morelli, Enwaken, Doreen Virtue, Official Angel Therapy, Ho’oponopono and Joe Vitale

reviews of different modalities. Please note that integrity is at 200.

Jo Dunning
personal: 195 100 updated 5/9/2018
truth value: 1%

PS: I just started to watch a video of Jo Dunning on Youtube. Her energy is sooo disturbed, so full of horrible emotions… I have to take a shower… grrr.

David Morelli – Enwaken
personal: 100
truth value: 3%

Doreen Virtue | official Angel Therapy
personal: 100
truth value: 1%

truth value: 7%

Joe Vitale
personal vibration: 235 130 updated 7/17/17, 100 on 9/10/18
truth value: 1%

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len
personal vibration: 100
truth value: 1%

PS: the only person I have ever heard about is Joe Vitale. The rest I don’t know who they are. I just connected with them and muscle tested.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

10 thoughts on “Vibrational Reviews of Miscellaneous Modalities: Jo Dunning, David Morelli, Enwaken, Doreen Virtue, Official Angel Therapy, Ho’oponopono and Joe Vitale”

  1. Joe Vitale has the lowest integrity in the world. He is always selling, does not honor the satisfaction of his guarantee that he offers when you buy his products. Products were sent back and the refund never was paid.

  2. It's a great feedback, Isabelle, though, if I know correctly, Joe Vitale doesn't handle his own marketing, or at least didn't for a long time.

    But what he is doing with this Ho'oponopono is horrible. The truth value of Ho'oponopono is 190… no integrity. No integrity: life doesn't work.

    Ho'oponopono may be good for the shamans, but it is not good for normal people. Forgiveness without responsibility doesn't do anything, it is diamond dust, smack in your eyes.

    Taking the power back is the goal, not to give it away to some spirits, or shamans, or even to Joe Vitale… lol

  3. The true hooponono taught by Mornah Simonah was never about blind forgiveness, but rather accepting responsibility in the creation of our lives, and thus it was very freeing. I did seminars with her back in the 80’s and got into kinesiology and muscle testing in the late 90’s and like you I would muscle test to check the effectiveness of things and for me, the original hooponono really works. It always had an impact and could be read.

  4. GJaxen, I suggest that you mistakenly think of many things, that there is a big gap between where you are at, and where you fancy yourself at. I have read your comments on the Powerful Intentions site, and I think you could use a little wakeup…
    Ask for your Starting Point Measurements. Life is a lot better when you take your cataract (veil?) off your eyes… You know the magical thinking?

  5. Hello Sophie, loving these vibrational reviews.
    I was wondering if you could check the vibrational frequency of this spiritual guru? I’ve been really interested in her products for months.

  6. her vibration is 200. But she is all about her business, and the truth value of her stuff is 3%. I would not spend my money and my time with her stuff… but you should make your own decisions.

  7. Thank you for your time checking her vibration and helping me decide on whether to spend my money on her in the near future.
    I do think her meditation audios and retreats are pricey.
    Would it be possible if you could check the vibration of this book?
    It’s all about increasing longevity which I am all up for, but at the same time, it sounds too good to be true.

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