Water: does it help or does it hinder your body?

tap_waterWater! 70% of your body is water, and every single chemical process in your body requires water. In your cell and in between the cells.

Clean, well structured, good water. Water that lubricates your joints. Water that dissolves and carries the vitamins and the minerals to where they become life. Water that refreshes you, quenches your thirst, and leaves you with more energy than when you started.

Unfortunately to all of us, this is not the case. The water that is available for us, whether it is through the tap, through a "pristine" mountain stream, in a bottle, is water that doesn't fit to drink.

The minimum energy, the minimum vibration, the minimum "consciousness level" water needs to have is 300. That is what muscle test says the body needs to match itself... for the water to neither add nor take away from its state. On the vibrational scale of consciousness. If its vibration is lower, then it robs your body of energy, and it robs you of your life, of your happiness, of your peace of mind, of your brilliance, of your health.

I have measured the vibration of water from different sources, and this is what I found this morning:

waterfilterTap water: 80
Filtered water: 200 (I use a two-tear under the counter water filter)
Fiji bottled water: 300
PurAqua bottled water: 170
Energized water: filtered water left to be energized after 24 hours of energizing: 650
Water from rain in bird bath: 200

So, what's the difference between tap water and the same water filtered? I am only guessing: I am not a scientist, not a chemist, not anything like that, I am a person like you that can connect to Source and measure vibration. You can learn it too... I am also an empath, and that cannot be taught: that is a curse that I was born with.

So, in my not-quite educated view, the differences are in the structure of the water. Structure? you ask. I would have asked that until 17 years ago when I was first introduced to the distinction.

A water molecule is still, on average, two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. But, it seems, water isn't just homogenous water molecules moving like untangled hair. It actually tangles a lot.

Impurities, chemical or solid, make the water molecules behave differently than they do when the water has only water in it. Now, whether the molecules cluster, like some expensive water energizer equipment companies say to sell their wares, or not, I don't know.

Water being poured into a still poolWhat I can say, with authority, that when you remove most impurities, the energy of the water rises. This morning, in Syracuse, it rises 120 points. Not too shabby.

The noticeable characteristics are taste and touch. Smoother, both the taste and the touch. Just like combed and uncombed hair. Just like clean, freshly washed hair. Smells nice, and feels nicer. But it may be frizzy, it may fly... not that pretty.

Now, when you add the energizing, that same hair behaves completely differently: the individual hairs start to have a coherence, and then you see those gorgeous manes of hair that you see in shampoo commercials.

The analogy is actually not skin deep: the molecules behave the same way as the hair: they play nice together or not. When you taste water that is not energized, you find a chunkiness that is not pleasing, and if you had enough self-awareness, the water just swallowed feels like stones dropping into your stomach: it will take the body a few hours to straighten them out, smooth them out to be able to utilize it for what water is for.

Fully energized water is silky. Silky to the touch, and goes down like silk, smoothly into the stomach and requires no work to use it as nutrient, instead it actually energizes your body.

The energized water, the part of theenergizer pitcher energy above 300 vibration that is not needed, energizes your body to heal stuff, to support the immune system, to give a spring in your steps, every time you drink it.


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