Vibrational Reviews

This page is a work in progress! When this page is ready it will become, hopefully, a complete list of all the teachers, gurus, healers, authors I have reviewed to date. Until I link the name to the review, please do a search on the site. make sure you spell the name correctly, or the review won’t be found

  1. 9d clearing
  2. Aaron Murakami
  3. Abraham Hicks
  4. Adam Shiffman insight energetic
  5. Adi Da
  6. AFT Attractor Field Technique
  7. Alan Watts
  8. Alexander Wilon
  9. Almine
  10. Aluna Joy
  11. Amit Goswami (“The Quantum Activist”) his “science”
  12. Amit Goswami
  13. Amy Flynn
  14. Andrew Bartzis
  15. Andrew Weil
  16. Ann Taylor healer
  17. Annette Carlstrom
  18. Anodea Judith
  19. Anodea Judith
  20. Anthony de Mello
  21. Arnold Mindell-process-oriented psychology
  22. Aurobindo Mother (Mirra Alfassa)
  23. Barbara DeAngelis
  24. Belinda Davidson
  25. Bending God
  26. Bernie Siegel
  27. Bill Wernet
  28. Blanton
  29. Blanton
  30. Bob Bell
  31. Bodytalk
  32. Bovis Scale
  33. Braco
  34. Brad & Julius
  35. Brendon Burchard
  36. Brian David Andersen
  37. Brian Swimme
  38. Brigit Goldworthy
  39. Brother Ishmael Tetteh
  40. Bruce Goldberg
  41. Bruce Lipton
  42. Buddha
  43. Burt Goldman
  44. Carl Jung
  45. Carnelian Sage
  46. Carnelian Sage
  47. Carol Lee
  48. Caroline A Shearer
  49. Caroline Cory
  50. Caroline Myss
  51. Carolyn Cooper
  52. Cassiopea
  53. Charles Haneel
  54. Chris Thomas – Welshman who reads the Akashic Records
  55. Christel Hughes
  56. Christie Marie Sheldon
  57. Christopher Pinckley
  58. Christopher Tims
  59. Chuny Lin
  60. Clayton Nolte (Structured Water)
  61. Colette Baron Reid
  62. Cory Michelle (Access Consciousness)
  63. Craig Hamilton
  64. Crimson Circle truth value:
  65. Dain Heer
  66. danadoost
  67. Darius Barazenda
  68. Darren Weissman
  69. David Icke
  70. David Spero
  71. David Wilcock
  72. Dawn Abraham
  73. Dawn E Clark
  74. Dawn James
  75. Debra Cummings
  76. Dee Wallace
  77. Denise Linn
  78. Desteni (cult?) truth value: 80
  79. Desteni (cult?)
  80. DNA activation
  81. Doris Priest
  82. Doug Parks
  83. Dr Alex Loyd
  84. Dr Joe Dispenza
  85. Dr Joe Dispenza
  86. Dr John Demartini
  87. Dr John Demartini
  88. Dr Michael Laitman
  89. Dr Rick Hanson
  90. Dr Rick Hanson
  91. Dr Yubraj Sharma
  92. Dr. David Sereda
  93. Dr. Dean Ornish
  94. Dr. Donna Embree
  95. Dr. Jewel Pookrum
  96. Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby
  97. Dr. Kurt Ebert and AFT
  98. Dr. Mark Sircus
  99. Dr. Maxwell Nartey
  100. Dr. Pankaj Naram
  101. Dr. Shea
  102. Dr. Teresa Dale
  103. Dr.Zhi Gang Sha
  104. Dr.Zhi Gang Sha
  105. Eckhart Tolle
  106. Elaine Williams
  107. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
  108. Elizabeth K Stratton
  109. Ellen Kratka
  110. Elma Mayer healer (people search for Alma Mayer)
  111. Emmanuel Dagher
  112. Emmanuel Dagher
  113. Energizing Water
  114. Eric Altman
  115. Eric Pearl
  116. Eric Robison
  117. Erik Berglund
  118. Esther Hicks
  119. Faster Eft
  120. Fred Alan Wolf
  121. Gary Blier
  122. Gary Douglas
  123. Gene Latimer and Tachyon
  124. Geniuxole System Gregg Braden
  125. Gregg Braden
  126. Gregory Hoag
  127. Gurumayi
  128. Guy Finle
  129. Guy Finley
  130. Hale Dwoskin
  131. Hare Krishna
  132. Harriet Lerner
  133. Harrison Klein
  134. Harrison Klein
  135. Heart Connection
  136. Heaven’s Gate
  137. Herbert W. Armstrong (Founder if Worldwide Church of God)
  138. Herbert W. Armstrong (Founder if Worldwide Church of God)
  139. HH Dalai Lama
  140. Howard Martin
  141. Human Design Institute
  142. Ilchi Lee
  143. Inelia Benz
  144. Ivonne Delaflor
  145. Jack Canfield
  146. Jack Kornfield
  147. James Allen (as a man thinketh)
  148. James Arthur Ray
  149. Janet Attwood
  150. Jarrad Hewett
  151. Jennifer McLean
  152. Jia Ni Teo
  153. Jiddu Krishnamurti
  154. Jiddu Krishnamurti
  155. Jim Self – Mastering alchemy
  156. Joan Borysenko
  157. Joan Borysenko
  158. Joe Dispenza
  159. JoHanna Chan
  160. John Douglas
  161. John Kehoe
  162. John Veltheim
  163. Jon Kabat-Zinn
  164. Jordan David Pearce (creator of The Spirit Science )
  165. Jordan David Pearce
  166. Joseph Campbell
  167. Joseph Michael Levry/ Gurunam
  168. Judith Orloff
  169. Julian Walker
  170. Kaitlyn Keyt
  171. Karl Dawson
  172. Kasey
  173. Kathy Hadley
  174. Ken Evans
  175. Ken W. Stone
  176. Larry Crane
  177. Laura Knight-Jadczyk
  178. Laurel Mellin
  179. Lee Caroll channeling Kryon
  180. Leonard Orr-Rebirth Breathwork
  181. Life Force Generating Machines
  182. Lillian Too
  183. Lilliya Nita Mahalani
  184. Lincoln Gergar
  185. Lisa Garr (The Aware Show)
  186. Lisa Nichols
  187. Lisa Nichols
  188. Louise Hay
  189. Luis Angel Diaz
  190. Maharaji Guru Maharaji aka Prem Rawat
  191. Margaret Lynch
  192. Mariah Windsong (Couture)
  193. Mariam Nour
  194. Marisa Russo
  195. Mark Victor Hansen
  196. Mary J. Getten
  197. Mary Morrissey
  198. mary nakoor
  199. Mas Sajady
  200. Mashhur Anam founder of Life Harmonized
  201. Mashhur Anam
  202. Master Weixiang Zhang
  203. Mastering Manifestation
  204. Mata Amritanandamayi (Ammachi)
  205. Matrix Reimprinting using EFT
  206. Maureen Moss
  207. Melinda Lee
  208. Melissa Alvarez aka Ariana Dupre
  209. Melissa Zoske
  210. Melody Fletcher
  211. Merav Knafo
  212. Michael Bernoff
  213. Michael Bernoff
  214. Michael Cotton
  215. Michael Mohoric healer
  216. Michael Norwood
  217. Morry Zelcovitch
  218. Morry Zelcovitch
  219. Muktananda
  220. Neal Donald Walsh
  221. Nickie Thetsy tnano
  222. Nikola Tesla
  223. Norm Shealy
  224. Norman Cousins
  225. Norman Shealy MD
  226. Oprah Winfrey
  227. Orgone energy
  228. Osho
  229. Pam Grout
  230. Panache Desai – Vibrational Catalyst
  231. Panache Desai
  232. Paramahansa Yogananda
  233. Paramahansa Yogananda
  234. Pema Chodron
  235. pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio)
  236. Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio)
  237. Quantum Confidence
  238. Quantum Confidence
  239. Ra from Human Design
  240. Ralph Smart aka Infinite Waters
  241. Ramana Maharishi
  242. Rebecca Quave
  243. Rev. Michael Beckwith
  244. Rev. Michael Beckwith
  245. Rhiannon Paille
  246. Richard Rudd (Gene Keys)
  247. Richard Rudd (Gene Keys)
  248. Robert Holden
  249. Robert Scheinfeld
  250. Robert Smith and Faster Eft
  251. Robert Smith
  252. Roger James Hamilton
  253. Rose Rosetree
  254. Rudiger Dahlke authors of “the healing power of sickness”
  255. Rudiger Dahlke
  256. Rudy Hunter
  257. Rudy Hunter
  258. Sabrina Rieber
  259. Sai Baba
  260. Sandra Radomski – Ask and Receive
  261. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj
  262. Santos Bonacci astrotheologian
  263. Sasha Allenby
  264. Shakti Gawain
  265. Simone Milasas
  266. Slade Roberson
  267. smart minerals
  268. Sol Luckman
  269. Sonia Choquette
  270. Sonia Choquette
  271. Source Healing
  272. Sri Chinmoy
  273. Sri Ravi Shankar (The Art of Living)
  274. Sri Ravi Shankar
  275. Stacey Mayo
  276. Stephen Batchelor
  277. Steven Russell
  278. Sue Morter
  279. Sue Morter
  280. Susan Glynn
  281. Suze Casey
  282. Swami Sivananda
  283. Tachyon Energy Products
  284. Tapas Fleming (TAT)
  285. Tapas Fleming
  286. Taraleigh Love
  287. Taraleigh Silberberberg
  288. TAT
  289. Teal Scott revisited
  290. Temple du Soleil
  291. The Art of Living
  292. The Atlantis King (not sure what’s his real name, that’s him:
  293. The Atlantis King
  294. the Healing Codes
  295. the healing power of sickness)
  296. The Quantum Activist
  297. The Spirit Science
  298. Thea Benny
  299. Thomas Merton
  300. Thomas Merton
  301. Thorwald Dethlefsen authors of “the healing power of sickness”
  302. Thorwald Dethlefsen
  303. Toby Alexander
  304. Tom Kenyon – Hathor
  305. Tony Robbins
  306. Tristan Truscott (Satory Method)
  307. Trivortex
  308. Wayne Dyer
  309. Wendy Lipton-Dibner
  310. Wendy Tullis
  311. Wilhelm Reich
  312. Willie Gorman
  313. Zaki Chobya


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93 thoughts on “Vibrational Reviews”

  1. THICH NHAT HANH personal vibration: 170. Truth value: 7%

    GESHE MICHAEL: personal vibration: 120. Vibration of the training, the 12 levels: 2%

    Sri Nithyananda Swami (Paramahamsa Nithyananda) personal vibration: 100
    Attracts only stupid people, but there is a pool of billions of those

    Sri Ravi Shankar personal vibration: 170. His program delivers to this degree: 1%
    I know of a 3-day breathing program they used to do, and maybe still do: it’s excellent to drop tens of pounds in those 30 days. Why? It is a forced breathing program, and oxygen burns fat. Most fat people breathe shallow… and that is one of the reasons they are fat.
    I lost 35 pounds, twice, using a similar method: forced breathing.
    and the bit on breathing:

  2. Pamala Oslie: personal vibration: 70
    she put two attachments on me… she or her site
    why is her vibration so low? she is forceful. She thinks she knows. but it is all mind… no divine, none… nothing from all-of-it.

  3. Rei-ki Master Teacher, Ms Keven Duff, who hails from the U.S.A. is a dynamic teacher who under-studied the Usui Rei-ki system for 6 years, prior to becoming a full-fledged Rei-ki instructor

  4. Curious… please next time post a question not just an address, or I’ll suspect that you are a spammer…

    OK Ms Keven Duff: personal vibration: 100. Dominant driver: greed. Bad and strong. Reiki: 4th plane energy, weak, dominant action method is through the principle of Placebo. It directs the energy everyone has, the Physical Chi… Reiki, in my experience, is a way to extort money from people who want to be called master… because they are incompetent. Just my personal experience… I was “attuned” to Reiki… it works much as a multi-level marketing scam… Stay away.

  5. of course that is not a valid number… but I can look at the person’s vibration who wrote/published it. It’s 150
    Truth value: 1%… As I said before, misunderstanding how the world works, what is cause and what is effect is your biggest mistake. 150 has some energy but not enough to understand life clearly.

  6. How does one understand how the world works.
    Does someone pay you specifically for this knowledge? Are you the gatekeeper?

  7. Non one pays me specifically for this knowledge, although I have students.
    But between you and me, I have everything available for free on my blog, although personal guidance is only available through my coaching program.

    Knowing everything accurately about how the world works would require me to go higher on the vibrational scale, but I have tried, it’s burning higher… on the level where I am I can see a lot and still be human.

    My truth value, at this point, is about 50%. It’s good enough for a good life.

  8. So you give yourself a higher score of wisdom and vibration, than someone like Neville Goddard, a true Mystic and a massively evolved metaphysician who impacted millions?

  9. .. and Neville would never call someone who visited one of his lectures, a moron, like you did on one of your pages here.

  10. in a way, yes.
    Of course you judge this from the dizzying height of 150 vibration… so you judge that I am also self-serving. But I measure myself and others with the exact same technique: connect to Source, empty my mind, empty my ego desires to be right, and measure.

    I just looked up who Neville Goddard is or was… I see he is dead.
    Now, what made him a mystic is the myth he himself created and sold to people like you. His vibration is 150, and his dominant emotion is fear, fear of being discovered.

    The fact that he impacted millions only talks about his sales prowess, not the truth value of his teaching.

    The more people believe you the less you are talking the truth. Because truth is not palatable. Never. and not at all.
    The truth is not popular, and only a handful of people want it.

    I see you are not likely to be part of that handful. I am OK with that.

    By the way: I am sure a lot of people have had the same questions, that is why I am so willing to answer.

  11. being nice and politically correct is a dead giveaway of a false prophet.

    Too many examples to list.

    Also: I am interested in working with the handful that can take the truth and their desire to grow is bigger than their desire to be right, to be comfortable, to be coddled.

    Being a moron is not an insult if it is the truth. Remaining after you realize you are a moron is a pity…

    But I guess you are arguing that whoever I called a moron (who was it, by the way? You?) was not. How would you know?

  12. Dear Curious, two things: I have no idea what you mean when you say : transformed. I see ads where people lose a few pounds and the ads call it transformation… what? so I recommend that if you use words that don’t mean anything, then explain them at least.

    Second: people do miraculous things to themselves, and it has nothing to do with what another has done. If on person had the power to make a difference for another, I would have a ton of students whose vibration is very high… but unfortunately only what they do matters.

  13. Dear Sophie,
    Could you please measure vibrational frequency of Christof Melchizedek and Akasha Sananda…..divine keys.
    Thank you so much.

  14. this is the second time you are asking for this. Any reason? I have already answered it.
    Christof Melchizedek personal vibration: 170. Anxiety, fear. fear to be known as a fraud.
    Akasha Sananda personal vibration: 150.
    Lots of Tree of Knowledge stuff… none of it actually experienced.

  15. Thanks for answering again. I couldn’t find the answer anywhere, so I was not sure the question got posted. There are a lot of pages it could go on. They have created programmes using sacred geometry called the Divine Keys and Rishi codes.

  16. HI! May i request for information regarding:

    1) Jessica Taylor
    2) Millenium method by Jessica Taylor
    3) Erich Hunter
    4) pendulum healing

  17. 1) Jessica Taylor personal vibration: 70
    2) Millenium method by Jessica Taylor truth value: 2%
    3) Erich Hunter personal vibration: 200
    4) pendulum healing: truth value: 9%

    Pendulum, in the right hand, is as reliable as muscle testing. The problem is the questions, and the ego

    My personal take: it is esoteric b.s. because health is mostly lacking because of lack of nutrients, wrong food, and wrong mindset. Low cell hydration… so it’s b.s. what any of these healing modalities do.

    I only use energy for unlocking blockages, because that, I can see, is a proper use of energy on a person. And to make them coherent, while the energy is on. But that’s it.

  18. Hello, can you please check the vibration of bentinho massaro and esther hicks?

  19. Thank you,

    What do you mean by truth value: 1%. Do you mean he is a pathological liar?
    Or do you mean something else by that? (Sorry, My native language is Dutch. Maybe I don’t understand you completely).

    I know and believe my vibrational frequency is low as well. But I know I am not a pathological liar or something like that. Furthermore, I am a good-hearted person. Who was constantly helping others but kept getting screwed over by almost everybody that I thought loved me back. Father, mother, sisters, cousin and so-called friends. The reason why I am telling you the last part is; is one’s vibrational frequency tight to one’s truth value? Because personally, i know I am not a lair.

    I hope you understand my post. Maybe, you can explain it for me.

    Bless up

  20. Truth value means: how much of what someone says is truth in the big picture.
    You lie, even though you don’t know you are lying.
    Buy I don’t measure ordinary people’s truth value, you asked me to measure teachers who get paid to teach you to be whatever you desire to be, free, happy, successful.

    They do lie too… but more often than not, they are just misguided. Nothing pathological.

  21. Hi Sophie,

    Can you please check the vibration of Jess Elder ?

    Thank you very much

  22. Hi Sophie, can you please measure the Vibrations and Truth Values of
    1 Joe Vitale
    2 Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len
    3 The Ho’oponopono technique
    Thank you in advance.

  23. Dear Sophie,

    Would it be possible if you could check the vibrational frequency of this book? Saw this in a mind body and spirit festival, and it reminded me of a huge Bible.

    Thank you for your time checking these vibrational frequencies.
    Was also wondering, who or what books, modalities or workshops (other than yours) do you remember had really high vibrational frequencies? I could only find Anastasia and previously Deepak Chopra.

    Kind regards.

  24. this will be very disappointing to you, but here it goes: whatever is popular with the masses is always low truth value. run the other way.

    the truth value of that book is 3%… utter hogwash. Clickbait.

  25. OK, I measured it all. I am very frightened by what attracts you… ugh.

    here are the measurements:

    1) Marci Lock –
    > vibration: 100

    > 2) The Gene Keys book & golden path (by Richard Rudd vibration:
    > 100… really miserable – based on the
    > I Ching & astrology like Human Design) – truth
    > value: 2%

    > 3) Guy & Ilan Ferdman of Satori Prime –
    > & Guy Ferdman: vibration:
    > 160
    > truth value: 7%

    > 4) Hither Mann –
    > Hither Mann: personal vibration: 100

  26. Thanks for those reviews… I think deep down I knew what you would report back.

    I am also concerned by what has attracted/attracts me, although I haven’t listened to/ read any materials from the top 3 three in several months but felt urged to do so in the past day or so.

    I feel like I am always searching for the truth… I just always feel that something isn’t right.

    Or am I searching for a short cut to something? Trying to avoid something? – I don’t know… anything which is disheartening at the moment

    I literally cannot tell whether people are really low vibration or not. So I cannot trust my judgement at all.

  27. You will need to get less “blocked”… your starting point measurement shows you as blocked… stuck. hardly any awareness, looking at the world through the very narrow cone of vision of what you want.

  28. hi thanks for your reviews.. a really interesting concept 🙂
    who are the highest people you’ve measured and who would you recommend we learn from?

  29. That’s ok I’m not completely sure yet maybe to try a few and find my style. Could u recommend me some high vibrational knowledgeable teachers?

  30. Hi Sophie,

    Can you do a vibrational review of these teachers and their methods
    William Lee Rand and his Holy Fire Reiki
    Gene Ang and his Arcturian Healing
    Judith Blackstone, Realization Process
    Gu Mingtong, Wisdom Healing Qigong
    A.H. Almaas, Diamond Approach

  31. William Lee Rand (vibration: 170) and his Holy Fire Reiki (truth value: 10%)
    Gene Ang (vibration: 140) and his Arcturian Healing (truth value: 10%)
    Judith Blackstone (vibration: 170), Realization Process (truth value: 10%)
    Gu Mingtong (vibration: 200), Wisdom Healing Qigong (truth value: 40%)
    A.H. Almaas (vibration: 200), Diamond Approach (truth value: 20%)

  32. Ambujam

    OK, Homi, I’ll do that for you. Ambujam’s vibration is 100. The truth value of what she says is 7%. Another measure I like: how many predatory genes does she have? 10. The ideal number is 3… the more you have the less you are interested in giving… ANYTHING.

  33. Hello Sophie,

    Can you please check the following:

    1. Maria Teresa Garcia
    2. Marc Joseph Osial Cruz
    3. Tamra Oviatt
    4. Sacred Activations by Tamra Oviatt
    5. Noel Resella

    Thank you.

  34. 1. Maria Teresa Garcia I am sorry, there are a lot of people of that name
    2. Marc Joseph Osial Cruz ditto
    3. Tamra Oviatt I have written about her and the attachments she puts on you… I am not willing to visit her or connect to her, sorry
    4. Sacred Activations by Tamra Oviatt
    5. Noel Resella I found a Nouel Resella, who seems to be passed on… His vibration was 100

  35. Thanks, Sophie, for the quick response.

    1. Here is Maria Teresa Garcia’s Facebook account:
    She mainly does Sacred Activations. She also uses Eric Hunter’s pendulums. This is her description of herself: Certified Hypnotherapist/Medical Alchemist/
    Sacred Activations/Gaia Reiki/ISA Money Master Teacher

    2. Here is Marc Joseph Osial Cruz’s Facebook account:
    He does pendulum work and is into folk healing and spiritism.

    5. Yes, that is him. He used to teach Reiki, intuitive tarot, angel communication and others.


  36. For both Maria Teresa Garcia and Marc Joseph Osial Cruz? Wow! They claim that some of their competitor healers and teachers are not of light and create portals and that they are superior practitioners.

  37. Thank you. No one believed me and my good friend. Everyone oohed and awed but refused to acknowledge. My friend and I were the only ones doubting this person. Again thank you

  38. Buddhist monk, reiki master, chi gong master. He is the one with the rainbows. Author of mindfulness book. He was not a healthy eater and traveled too much, didn’t take care of his body. We often worried about him and expressed our concerns. He was soft spoken and would often reassure us but my friend and I had our doubts. Thank you

  39. Can you do Carla Rueckert and/or Law of One (Ra teachings)? Didn’t see it

  40. I am not sure ‘doing her” would be, but I can muscle test her vibration and the truth value of she says.

    her vibration is 200, and the truth value of her work is 7%… meaning 93% hogwash.

  41. Haha sorry I was speaking caveman. I’ll have to pass those numbers around I hear about her constantly… Thank you

  42. it’s hard to see what is in the invisible domain of reality. The Sight capacity… hard to activate, but it gives a third eye clarity 99.99% of humanity doesn’t have… including your whatever her name was… already forgot

  43. Hi, do you know if this guy,Christof Melchizedek, lives in New Zealand, is the real deal, or a scam?

  44. Hi Sophie!

    can you please measure the vibration of the following authors:
    Aleister Crowley
    Robert Greene
    Kyle Gray

    I’m curious as to whether they truly align with my pathway of life, thanks in advance.

  45. Hi Toke. I can measure them, but the numbers will measure something different than what you want to know. The numbers will measure whether these authors are in alignment with how things are, with Life, with truth. And whether those numbers are in alignment with your path in life, that is questionable.

    If I knew you, I would measure the match… or if these authors can forward you on your path, but alas I don’t know you.
    Aleister Crowley: vibration: 100, truth value: 1%
    Robert Greene: vibration: 200. truth value: 1%
    Kyle Gray: vibration: 120. truth value: 1%

    OK, I see now. You want something magical, and you hope that you don’t have to apply yourself, that what you want will fall on your lap. Good luck with that. My judgment: all three authors of yours are snake oil salesmen.

  46. Hi Sophie
    If you could check on these 2 individuals and the truth/efficacy of the specific programs I’m interested in- I’m considering to register for these programs before the weekend as one starts on Saturday, Oct 17.
    Christof Melchizedek: Program I’m interested in: Conscious Crypto Circle – Its an investment advisory primarily on cryptocurrencies and gold/silver where in addition to good old research he claims to use energy to find the likely profitable assets to invest in.
    Grace Hom (I think she used to be known as Jade Yin Hom): Program I’m interested in: 10 Week Eyesight Improvement Challenge

  47. Christof Mechizedek: vibration: 130
    the program: efficacy: muscle test says 7$. so I asked: should I allow them to tell me what to do with my money? and the answer was: no way.

    Grace G Hom: vibration: 170. truth value: 1%

  48. Hi Sophie,

    Interesting website

    For some reason, I am being drawn to these 2 people, can you check these, please

    David Snyder –

    David has some incredible looking programs where he teaches people how to release trauma and read people’s personalities by looking at their face.
    You can see more on his Youtube channel

    2nd person is Lisa Thomas

    Thanks in advance

  49. I appreciate your interest Graeme. Here are the vibrational reviews you requested

    David Snyder: personal vibration: 100, truth value: 3%
    Lisa Thomas: personal vibration: 170. truth value: 7%

  50. Hello Sophie,
    can you do a vibration/comment on (Jacqueline-Fay Hobbs). Extensive website, many mp3 meditations, works with groups, says she is a group of 6 here to ‘make sure that humanity wakes up and any negative influences leave Earth’.
    Thank you

  51. Hello Sophie
    Did a search for Rudolf Steiner, no results. Be very interested if you would read him some time.

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